“I can’t imagine a person being a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything’s he got.” -Walter Cronkite

Think back to all the hard workers from our neighborhood.

Really think about it.

Crowded Subway

The Ironworker who got up at the crack of dawn to build the city.

The cop or fireman…putting on the uniform every day to protect and serve across New York City.

The schoolteacher at Holy Name who had to teach the daily lesson and deal with us kids.

All the shopkeepers across 9th avenue opening their business to serve the neighborhood. (Is John still delivering for United on that bike?)

Work ethic. That’s what it was always about. Whether it was the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s…

Today in 2017 the same holds true. Nothing’s changed.

Nothing gets done without the work.

That’s one lesson I wish I learned back in the day.

My work ethic was poor. Below average for sure.

Thank God that changed. I even was able to teach the timeless lesson to our 17 year-old daughter Taylor.

She’s taken it and ran with it…We watch her every day. Whether it’s getting up early for school (by herself) and most important, going to her after-school job. (Saturday’s and Sunday’s too).

Just the other day she said to me, “They took me off Sunday’s.”

I said that’s great you get a day off now.

“NO DAD, I WANNA WORK!” She replied.

Have a great day!



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9 Responses to GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT!

  1. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Congratulations on Taylor’s work ethic…and, yes..John is still delivering for United..on that bike!

  2. holy2520name says:

    Be proud of that young lady she is going to make something of herself.She has a leg up on success in life and happiness in the future. Her mom and dad can pat themselves on the back.

  3. Tonyf16 says:

    You may not realize it but you are to blame for her work ethic. You didn’t have anyone to show you the way but she does.

  4. Tonyf16 says:

    I mean this in a good way. We don’t realize till later on when they get older. But wow they really were paying attention

  5. A fine article. All real wealth is created by those who work. Paper money actually is worth only the paper it’s printed on. The house you live in, the train or car you ride to work on, the raw materials that are mined to make your cell phone, the office building and the private planes the millionaires own, the food you eat, all are the result of labor. Even the machines that now produce many products are made by workers. We attach very little awareness of this reality in our every day lives. Or think about why the farm workers get paid pennies a day for helping to provide the food that keeps us alive? Or fast food workers who mostly get minimum wages who work as hard as most of us do. We can easily forget these facts in our modern technological world.

    So the next time some billionaire or politician claims he creates jobs or boasts that he can fire people, remember that he or she does not do the work that creates this wealth.

  6. holy2520name says:

    MC,You are correct about politicians not creating jobs. Governments generally speaking cause jobs to be lost however capitalism and millionaires [billionaires] do create jobs . Their ideas and monetary risks generate the jobs that allow for wealth to be created. Governments, from the creation of time, have tried to control the economic interactions[ see socialism] and have always failed. Cuba,Venezuela and the USSR are shining examples of governments controlling the people. Capitalism ,free markets and the desire of human kind to better their lives is what truly drives our american way.

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