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It’s already January 3rd.  We’re three days into 2017.

Time waits for no one.

Remember just a few nights ago sipping from a cup of your favorite drink, watching the ball drop at Times Square? (It’s funny, all the years of living in Brooklyn, I never once went over to forty-second street to watch the ball drop.)

Feels like just last night though…

And how about the assholes making fun of Mariah Carey? She has more money and success then we can ever imagine. So what, she screwed up. Big deal. Move on. You’ve never made a mistake? I have. And plenty of them.

Live life to the fullest. Get everything you can out of each day, I know I am.

Be nice to people. Smile. Say something positive. Hug your kids. Kiss your spouse on the lips. Let go of a grudge. Stop being so bitter. Call a friend. E-mail. Text. Workout. Get active. Stay active.  Just do it…

Pete Carroll, NFL football coach once said, “Compete to be the greatest you. Let nothing hold you back. Always compete.”