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“When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride” don’t ask me why I posted those lyrics from the Beatles, they were … Continue reading

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If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would they be? Only requirement is they have to be from the neighborhood. Pick the place too. Mine would be… Mr. Zoli, La-La and Slick. Nah, just kidding. I would invite Mr. … Continue reading

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From time to time I think back to someone from the neighborhood (do you ever do that?) For the next few days I will bring up someone’s name that most will be familiar with…and some will not. Where is Warren Whitlock? … Continue reading

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Down the stretch we come…another summer almost in the books; I came up with a topic for the blog in which, upon further review, I have not discussed. The other day we picked up some Luigi Italian Ices from the … Continue reading

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Last night I was looking forward to watching ’60 Minutes’ on CBS.  Reason being, Al Pacino was going to be interviewed (despite Katie Couric doing the interview, it turned out pretty good) Pacino is one of my favorite actors of … Continue reading

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We can all agree that when we were younger, some of us had a little deviant behavior in us; some more than others. We had some major ball busters in Windsor Terrace. I can sit here all day and blog about … Continue reading

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Even though he’s an East 5th street guy, we have to give Jackie Ryan much love.  I spent many years playing ball with him all over New York.  Jack is one of the best people you will ever meet. Seems … Continue reading

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