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If you were any sort of athlete from Holy Name, it’s almost certain you ran track in the spring or cross country in the fall.  Some guys/gals were faster than others. We had some fantastic sprinters, we had some awesome … Continue reading

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I have a question today; I’m hoping someone can answer it for me. Did we ever have a Science Fair at Holy Name? If we did, I know for a fact that this “C-minus” student didn’t participate.  Instead of working … Continue reading

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I often watch the NBA doubleheader on Turner Network.  First game starts at 8:00 PM, second game at 10:30.  After the final buzzer sounds ending the second game well past midnight, I have an urge to play basketball. Most late … Continue reading

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We all hit a bump in the road at one time or another. At times we have an uncontrollable weakness. We succumb to a vice. At times, we can’t help ourselves. We try everything to break the habit.  Therapy, exercise, … Continue reading

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While doing some writing last night, I thought back to my days as a student at John Jay High School, located on 7th avenue and 5th street. Jay was a popular destination for a lot of people in the neighborhood. … Continue reading

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As you all know, I started this blog a little over 2 years ago.  A huge reason (as stated before) was to re-connect people who haven’t spoken to each other in many years. Well here’s a perfect example of the … Continue reading

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“Up your nose with a rubber hose.” I know, what an awful line; especially from an ‘at-risk’ high school student. As a kid in the 70’s, I wasn’t sure what to make of the Sweat hogs at Buchanan High back … Continue reading

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