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We often ask why? Why, why, why? As I am composing this blog entry, I am saddened to report that a very good friend who I grew up with lost his son in a car accident. Alexis Gumusdere died at … Continue reading

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Gotta move on, you’ve seen enough of me, no?  Thanks for all the comments on my suit, picture and hair…(I look fat in that picture!) How about this team below? Think they can beat the Celtics? Wonder if they can … Continue reading

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Thanks to my long time friend, John-John for taking this picture of me a few weeks ago. -SF

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We can all agree that everyone has some sort of addiction. Well this past weekend I became addicted to something that just hit me. I fell off. Unreal! I was turned on to it by my best friend.  Then my … Continue reading

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DK 1

We can all agree that over the years our neighborhood has produced many outstanding people.  I have been writing the blog for a little over a year and a half now and I find it hard to believe that I … Continue reading

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Hope everyone is doing well – sorry about the delay with blog entry’s…with family, the team and of course my writing (2 projects) I have been soooooooooooo busy (I’m sure like everyone else) Here’s a great essay written by Kenneth … Continue reading

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I hope everyone has a wonderful day and make sure you get that card, candy, stuffed animal or even roses for that special someone in your life.  Even if you can’t get any of those items, just make sure to … Continue reading

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