Heard some outstanding news late last week. Childhood friend, Kevin Molloy, originally from Howard Place informed me his daughter has accepted a Cross-Country/Track scholarship to Iona College. 

Atta boy Kevin…nice job.

If you are not aware, former Windsor Place resident Jerry Cole is an Iona alum. He too ran for the Gaels.

Good luck Miss Molloy!

Keep on running…


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Great story on Hooley via the Brooklyn Paper. Colin Mixson does a good job with his writing.

“It’s a great neighborhood,” said Houlihan, 76, who has worked behind the bar for 50 years and owned it for almost 20. ”We take care of each other.”

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 Click on the link above to read the story. 

The guy’s the best!

If you’re lucky to know him, you know what I’m talking about.

Jimmy Houlihan, congratulations my man!


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Wish I could be there.

Gargiulo’s in Coney Island is the place to be. Valet parking available. But if you’re like me, I took the F-train, walked a few blocks and I was good.

6:30 start.

The Holy Name Foundation Dinner-Dance. These people do a great job!

It’s going to be a great time.

I had the opportunity to attend a couple of years ago. (If I could my speech over, I would finish the story about Joey Corrar.)

If you have nothing going on tonight, head out there. Should be a blast.

I don’t think it’s too late to sign up. I hope not anyway.

Join your old friends and make some new ones at this wonderful event with a common goal to keep quality Catholic education alive and thriving in our community. We have all benefited from our years in Holy Name and are striving to continue the tradition in Windsor Terrace.

Your participation is vital to help keep the vision alive.

$150 per person $1,500 per table.

Call them now: Tell ’em “Red sent ya!”


If you cannot attend, please find it in your heart to support this important cause.

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This is a sad story from a former student at Holy Name.  He is looking for answers from his childhood.

Click the link below…

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So tired of running.

They’re everywhere.

So tired of running.

They think they know it all.

So tired of running.

They tell you what to do. They tell you that you can’t do it. They tell you there’s no way…

So tired of running.

They tell you how to live your life.

So tired of running.

They tell you what to eat, what to drink and they tell you if you’re good enough or not?

So tired of running.

I got news for you…

I’m not running anymore.

You don’t have to run either.


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