As a kid growing up in the neighborhood I looked up to a lot of the older guys.

No one had a bigger impact on me than John Corrar.

By far John was the coolest motherfucker to walk our streets.   It was only a few days ago that we texted back and forth;  I had heard he wasn’t doing too good.

Tonight I received word that John has passed away.

Thanks to Maureen Rice for the following information:

Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home
1289 Forest Ave
S.I., NY 10302
TUESDAY 5:00-9:00 PM

Blessed Sacrament Church
Forest Ave / Manor Road
S.I., NY 10310

RIP brother…




The Lansing Sexton Big Reds junior varsity boys basketball team needs your help.

I was hired back in June as the new boys varsity basketball coach – all the uniforms were missing, home and away.


Luckily we had a few dollars in our account to purchase new ones.  I was told last week by our JV coach that there’s only a couple of JV uniforms in storage, and they are in bad shape.  We are in desperate need of uniforms for the JV team.

First game is November 27.

I am reaching out for a possible donation.

Any amount of money that you can contribute would be a huge help.  E-mail me for more information.   Thank you so much.




MLB post-season is here.  October is gonna be bananas on the diamond.

This is the reason why I love baseball.

Kids in the Lot

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn we played ‘hardball’ often.

There was a vacant lot on 16th street.  Technically you can say Windsor Place too.  But I gotta be honest, not once did I ever climb the fence on Windsor.  That barbed wire…SMH

Kids from all over the neighborhood showed up.

No one got dropped off by a mini-van; you walked or rode your bike.

Some had gloves, some didn’t. I didn’t.

We had one bat, everyone used it. LOL.

It varied as to how many players were on a team.  All depends on how many kids showed up that day.

We chose up sides, last kid picked didn’t run home and cry to mommy.

Last kid in the batting order never sulked. He waited his turn to bat.

No adult pitching to us, and most of all, there was no hitting ‘T’ placed in front of home-plate.

No uniforms.  No juice boxes.  No trophies.

We competed.  There was a winner and a loser.  There were lessons to be learned.  You learned as a ten year-old to figure things out.  You didn’t harp on things . You moved on.

Was he out or was he safe?  Argument lasted a few seconds.  No instant replay.

Who’s up next?

Good luck to all the Major League teams still alive…enjoy the next few weeks.




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Sad news to report on Willy;  he passed away on August 28.


Willy visited Container Diaries often and always left a solid message.

How about the classic photo above?  Taken in 1968 on the corner of 10th avenue and P.P.S.W. (Thanks Gladys Mastrion)

Willy had a classic line on his Facebook page about the gang scene.

By then gang affiliations had blurred. We had pot!”

Thanks to Maureen Rice for posting the memorial info yesterday but here it is again.

Saturday, September 22 from 12pm-3pm at Duffy’s.

RIP Willy…