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Tuesday morning – May 5

Mikey is sitting alone at a table in Terrace Bagels enjoying a Cinnamon-raisen bagel with cream cheese and jelly.  He washes it down with a large hot coffee; milk and three splenda. It’s a little after eight.

“Fuckin’ Rangers lost last night,” Mikey barked to Louie who was wiping down the table next to him.

“Yeah I know, I watched the whole game,” Louie answered.”They couldn’t score a goal.”

Mikey’s eyes went back to his Daily News which was spread out on the table. Louie was the owner of the Bagel shop. He put in a lot of time to build the business.

“Tell me you didn’t bet the Rangers last night?” Louie inquired as he tossed a few empty paper cups into the garbage.

“Nah, my gambling days are over,” Mikey assurred him.

Louie wasn’t so sure. He has known Mikey for a few years.

“I lost my pants last week, I couldn’t pull a winner for anything,” Mikey cried.

Louie knew all about Mikey’s gambling habit. There were mornings where Mikey spent a couple of hours in the bagel shop reading the newspaper then placing bets with his bookie right there in front of everyone.

Louie was done wiping the tables and now headed behind the counter to help with the sudden rush.

“WHO’S NEXT?” Louie shouted.

Mikey looked up at the line and saw a long-time friend.

“Yo Patty,” Mikey shouted. No response.

“Patty Smith, what’s up bro?” Mikey shouted.

A tall guy with glasses and a Mets cap was waiting on line, looked over at Mikey.

“Hey, how you doin’?” a guy said.

It was Patty Smith, he used to live in the neighborhood.

“What are you up to these days?” Mikey asked as he got up from his table and extended his hand.

“Nothing much man, just in town for a few days visiting,” Patty answered.

“Where ya’ living these days?” Mikey asked.

“Jersey, I moved to Jersey about five years,” Patty said.

“Jersey huh? What part?”

“South Jersey, down by Philly,” Patty informed him.

Mikey looked towards the front door where the line had grown as Patty moved up a little. When he thinks of Philadelphis the Sixers, Phillies and the Flyers come to mind.

“How ya like it down there?” Mikey asked. “I go down to A.C. every now and then.”

“It’s cool, the old lady got transferred down there so we packed up and moved the whole family.”

Mikey seemed intrigued. Not that he would want to move out of the neighborhood, it’s just that he along with his friend Billy are always wondering why people are leaving Brooklyn.

“Everyone’s moving out and headed to Jersey,” Mikey said.

“I know, these prices for apartments are getting out of control,” Patty said.

“Tell me about it, our landlord just raised to rent,” Mikey explained.

“What we pay on our mortage in Jersey is the same as our rent here,” Patty explained. “Plus there’s no traffic, no crime and no bullshit.”

“You miss your friends?” Mikey asked. As Patty had made it up to the front of the line.

“Gimme three salted, two plain and a whole wheat,” Patty informed the girl behind the counter.

“You turn into a Flyers fan yet?” Mikey asked Patty.

“Nah, I will always be a Rangers fan,” Patty answered.

“Well they sucked last night, lost to Washington one zip,” Mikey explained.

“I know, we watched the game,” Patty echoed.

The bagels were bagged and Patty was ready to leave.

“Good seeing you Mikey, take care,” Patty offered as he extended his hand.

“Sure Patty, it was good seeing you.”




Friday morning – Early May

“Who ya like tonight? Mikey asked Billy.

“Red Sox.”

“Nah man, I mean Nets and Hawks,” Mikey stressed.

Tonight started a big weekend in the sports world. Yankees were going to Fenway to take on the Red Sox. It was A-Rod’s first visit to Fenway Park since his suspension was lifted. The Nets were home against the Atlanta Hawks for game 6. Tomorrow was the Kentucky Derby and later that night was the big fight, Pacquiao versus Mayweather. They were asking for a hundred dollars on pay-per-view.

“I like the Nets tonight, I like them at Barclay’s. I’m going to the game.”

Mikey looked at Billy a bit surprised.


“Hell yeah,” Billy answered as he sipped on a cup of coffee from Pynn’s deli.

“I dunno, Hawks are giving 4,” Mikey barked as he checked himself out in the front window of Farrell’s.


Billy and Mikey were Local 40 ironworkers but were out of work.

“I hope something breaks soon,” Mikey declared as he pulled out the New York Post from his back-pocket.

“Yeah, I was down at Timboo’s last night and Red Duffy said they got a big building going up on third avenue.” Billy explained as he sipped some more coffee.

Mikey and Billy were excellent ironworkers and they loved their craft. But right now things were slow. They were waiting for the next job.

“Fuck man, they should give us season tickets to the Nets game, I mean we spent almost a year down there putting that shit up,” Mikey cried.

Billy laughed. Both him and Mikey were partners bolting up on the Brooklyn Nets new arena.

“They don’t give a shit about us,” Billy growled.

“Yo they really cleaned up that area,” Mikey reminded Billy.

“You’re right man, remember back in the day you had to carry a pistol if you were down there?” Billy mocked.

“Remember that time I was walking home from a bar on Flatbush avenue and those clowns came up to me asking for money,” Mikey pointed out.

Both guys laughed.

“Those motherfuckers ran so fast when I pulled my twenty-two out of my bag,” Mikey boasted.

“Two of them, right?” Billy acknowledged.

“Yeah, they thought they were tough guys,” Mikey declared.

Once again both guys laughed.

“First off you were crazy for walking home from down there,” Billy reminded him.

“Nah, it was a beautiful night,” Mikey noted.

A sanitation truck pulled up to empty the trash can on the corner of 16th street.

“Yo Joey, what’s up bro?” Mikey screamed out to their friend who was working for the city. Joey had been a sanitation worker for ten years.

“What’s up Mikey. When you taking the test?” Joey asked.

“Nah fuck that, I’m gonna work the iron until I die,” Mikey added.

Joey walked over to the steel can, picked it up and emptied it in the back of the huge, white truck.

Billy and Mikey watched him closely.

“Imagine picking up people’s shit?” Billy cited as he watched Joey put the can back on the corner and hop on the truck.

“Yeah, fuck that,” Mikey emphasized.

The truck pulled away and went straight for the trash can on the next corner.

“Yo Mikey I gotta head over to the city to see this chick,” Billy said as he started to walk down 16th street for the subway.

“Alright man, see you soon brother.”

About a week ago Billy had met a pretty girl while hanging out in the city. He had a lunch date with her.

“Be careful betting the Nets tonight,” Billy shouted out as he crossed 16th street.

Mikey stood on the corner outside Farrell’s watching Billy walk down the street.

He needed the Nets bad tonight. He was down five-hundred dollars.




Two posts on the blog in a half hour…


Like Freddie Mercury once said, “Don’t stop me now...”

Check it out, more news on Sanders.


Sanders 2015

Thanks to all who brought it to my attention.

By the way, anyone see Maria?




There’s one thing I miss about New York City; walking.

When I visit, I walk for miles and miles.

If you live in New York, you walk everywhere.

This morning I came across this awesome section in the New York Times about memorable walks in the city.


Enjoy, I gotta go for a walk…




Monday night.

April 21…

You remember Maria, right?

Well there she goes, right over there.

She looks great. Always smiling.

She’s walking alone, going right by Farrell’s, towards the park. There’s a a few guys on the corner of 16th street checking her out.  Tight jeans. White sneakers. Denim jacket.



What’s crazy is my boy Tony was asking about her the other night. “Whatever happened to that Hispanic chick from Church Avenue?”

For once, I was speechless.

What the fuck did happen to her? It was probably me that fucked up. After we hung out that night in the park I told her I was going to meet her at East 5th the next night; I never made it.

Shit, I gotta catch up to her.  I throw my bottle of coke in the trash can.Tuck my newspaper in my back pocket.

Gotta tell ya, I think about her often. Matter of fact, I could be in bed late at night and she’s the only thing on my mind. I think of her even when I am with my girlfriend. Yeah I know, that’s pretty shitty of me. I know. If my girlfriend ever knew I was with her…oh boy I would be fucked.

But I gotta be honest with you. I will never forget that night we hung out in the park. Maria is an amazing kisser. Nothing lasts forever, right? Beautiful girls don’t come around often. Besides, I think I’m in love with my girl.

Jetting across ninth avenue, I call out to Maria.

“Hey, wait up!” She looks over her left shoulder and says hi.

“Where ya’ been?” I ask.

“Oh I’ve been around.”

I stop dead in my tracks, looking around.

“After that night we hung in the park I never saw you again,” I tell her.

“I’ve been busy.”

She’s been busy?

“And you stood me up,” she tells me.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“And besides, me and my boyfriend got back together,” she informs me as she lets out a giggle.

I am standing still on the corner, right outside Oak park pharmacy. I knew I should have went down to East 5th to meet her.  I fucked up.

“Oh, okay,” I say to Maria as she looks over towards the circle.

Guess I really blew this one… I have no idea what to say next.

This is where I always fuck up. I’m awful with words. I clam up. Wish I knew what to say in times like this. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings.

She’s fucking gorgeous and I threw it all away.

A few of of my friends are walking towards us.

“Red, what’s up?” Johnny G asks.


“Come on, we’re going to the city,” he informs me as he looks at Maria.

We’ve been doing this a lot lately. Back in August we met some kids at Brighton Beach who were from the city. We became friends, started playing ball and now we hang out over there once or twice a week. They’re cool people.

They begin to walk towards the subway, I watch him, Mickey and Kevin walk down the stairs.

“You going?” Maria asks.

I am standing there frozen. Still thinking of Maria’s boyfriend.

“Yeah probably,” I answer.

“Okay well have fun,” Maria says as she jogs over to the circle.

I watch her run. She has amazing legs. Maria goes straight for some tall guy. They hug. I feel like an idiot. Dejected and feeling like shit, I walk to the subway, jog down the stairs and catch up to my friends.

“Yo, wait up!” I scream out.

We’re headed over to the city. As I sit on the F-train, I can’t take my mind off Maria.




March Madness is here.

Punch the ticket; “Farrell’s” is up for best neighborhood institution.



The New York Times took to the streets. Interesting look around the city.

Looks like the neighborhood made it.

Click this link and scroll down to ‘South Slope’.

If you don’t feel like clicking and scrolling, I got you; here’s what a resident (Barbara Barran) said about 16th street. A heroin and crack dealer? Nooooo…

When I moved to my block 25 years ago, we had a heroin dealer two doors down and a crack dealer two doors up. Our car was broken into repeatedly, and we couldn’t leave flowers or pots on our front steps, as they would be stolen. Prospect Park was unkempt and scary. The movie theater was closed and there wasn’t much variety available in terms of restaurants. Today, the block is safe and beautiful. People build planters and take care of the street trees. There’s a vibrant new pub at the end of the block, a refurbished movie theater, and loads of restaurants on Prospect Park West. The park itself is a gem: clean, safe, and alive with runners, bikers, children playing, couples strolling. The downside? Parking has become very difficult, and we get lots of tickets. And the F train has become unbearable at rush hour. But gentrification? I’m all for it!