Grad program 1GRAD EXERCISES 2

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10 Responses to THE GRADUATE – 1961

  1. bob terry says:

    Wow, where did you get this? This is my era. I was terrible @ saving things until I had a child, which was 15 years ago & I was old then. I created a legacy box for my son. I wish I started it before he was born, but who knew.

    • Steve says:


      Love that.

      This was sent to me by…man o man, I forget at this moment. I pulled it from my email; someone sent it to me for sure. I have to give them full credit. Give me a few hours.

      Hope all is well.

      • Willy Wickham says:

        I’ll take that credit now. Can I buy a vowel with it?
        Bob, my mother saved this and just about anything she thought worthy, including me. Sometime back in the ’70’s she passed the stuff over to me and I was amazed at the things she saved…she even had my William Holden autograph from 1966. A Legacy Box is a great term for it.

      • Steve says:

        YES! YES! YES!

        Thank you Willy Wickham. Thanks for passing along these cool images.

      • bob terry says:

        Your mom sounds like my mom; God bless them. William Holden was one of my favorite actors. I loved Sunset Boulevard and The Wild Bunch. I was @ an annual event for Aids Project Los Angeles several years ago, and Stephanie Powers, the deceased William Holden’s wife, put herself up for auction to go out on a dinner date with the highest bidder. The bids were weak as most of the attendees were gay. I really wanted to bid, but I thought that my wife might not like the idea. By the way, she still looks great.

  2. Jim casey says:

    The boys separate from the girls. The good, old days ?

    • Steve says:

      Wonder how many kids are in each class now?

      • bob terry says:

        I graduated from Holy Name in 1964. At that time, there were 1600 students @ the school: each year had 4 classes (2 for girls & 2 for boys) with 50 in each class. The last time I spoke to the principal several years ago, there were less than 200 students @ Holy Name. Now, it’s St. Joseph’s Academy. I suspect that they combined several schools into one.

        Back in my day, there was no tuition to attend Holy Name or any other Catholic grammar school in the diocese of Brooklyn. So, PS 10 or Holy Name, no contest if you were Catholic. In 1972, they instituted tuition @ about $150 a year to attend. They had no choice as they had to hire lay teachers to replace the clergy who were leaving. You didn’t want to be standing near the exits when they announced the tuition; you would have been trampled. So much for the value of Catholic education. When it was free, everyone wanted it, but now, few are willing to pay for it. What a shame. I have sat on the boards of several Catholic schools in Los Angeles; enrollment is always an issue. If it wasn’t for the non- Catholic students (40%), we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open. I’m happy to say that my son attended a Catholic grammar school for 10 years (Pre-K through 8th grade); he now attends Regis High School in NYC. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. Once value is established, price goes away as an issue. Everything good that has ever happened in my life has been a result of prayer, and I first learned to pray @ Holy Name (thank you Sister Joseph Christie). I am a product of 16 years of Catholic education, and I have benefitted every day of my life from that education. Catholic schools still deliver a fine education and give our students a moral compass.

      • Steve says:


        Great stuff as always…

  3. That was my graduation class. Brother Regis, if memory serves me right. Went to Xaverian after that. I also have a copy of the program my mother saved.

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