For a very long time I have been trying my hand at the “Self-Help” movement.

I’ve read books, listened to motivational speakers, etc.

Tried everything. Spent so much money. Ouch!


I finally realized the most important thing in my life is to figure out what screwed me up?

All the bullshit about passion, hard work, etc. well, that is all bullshit.

Life is all about the journey. Don’t get me wrong, you need to work hard and all and have passion but…

Getting to the root of the problem and working to eliminate those undesirables, that is the key. Control the controllables. Oops, that sounds like “self-help” talk doesn’t it?

Growing up in the neighborhood I learned awful traits. All my fault. Traits that paralyzed me for many years. No direction. Going with the flow. The daily grind. Never stopping to smell the roses.

Knocked me off the road. My path. You know the deal.

Let me stop though, because I have been beating myself up too long. No more beating…

I’ve found something new, it’s my own program and I am proud of it. Sorta collected different things.

I call it, “On the Right Path.” Doing the right thing. Playing the right way.

LOL, funny right?

Perspective, self-evaluation and honesty are the keys. Doesn’t matter where you been or how old you are. It’s never too late…

Make no mistake, it’s not self-help. It’s more. It’s better. It’s easier. If you are honest. And guess what, I’m not selling anything.

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs once said, “You’re responsible for your own recovery.” Well you are responsible for the road you travel. The path. The journey. Stay on…if you get knocked off, get back on.

I found 30 areas in my life that needs to be eliminated or improved.  So much better than “get up and go work hard…” Grind, grind, grind…work, work, work.


Not feeling that.

I work hard. I have passion. That shit gets redundant.

It’s a band-aid. That’s it. Bandages that keep falling off.

What I’m talking about is “undesirable emotional responses” to life’s daily dealings.

The challenges we face soon as we wake up. Why? Why? Why? Where did it originate?

Here we go, number one is fear. Oh boy did I enter into a dark space. I went back and tried to find the original time and place when I started to fear.

Dale Carnegie once said, “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it, go out and get busy.”

Yo Red, sounds like self-help talk to me…


Have a solid day…


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Wanted to wish Frank Cullen a Happy Birthday. Frankie and I grew up together and it was some of the best years of my life.

175 Windsor Place

Enjoy the day my man…

Windsor Place 4-Ever!


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My cousins lived on Fuller Place.

The Sabbagh’s. 29 Fuller Place to be exact.

Loved their house. Spent so much time there. Loved their front porch.

The late Joe Sabbagh Sr. would always laugh at me when I ran into his house to drop a deuce.

“You only come in here when you have to take a shit!” He screamed at me one night.


He scared me though.

The block was filled with many kids.

Great families.

Really cool people.

From Windsor Place to Prospect Avenue, there was always something going on; day and night.

Stickball. Tag. Red light, Green light, Coco, Whiffle Ball, 7 Minutes in Heaven (Sssshhh) Punchball, Off the Point…you name it, we played it.

On the corner of Fuller and Prospect lived the Dilgen family; awesome people. John, Billy and Deloris. (Think there was another sister but I’m blanking on her name…)

They had the coolest house on the block. That wall though…LOL

Dilgin Wall on Fuller

John’s son, John Hudson is battling a hideous disease.


Please visit the site below and help fund-raise. The Dilgen’s are trying to do a little construction on their bathroom to help John Hudson.

Click this link for more info.

Thanks so much!

Stay strong John Hudson…


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Sad news to report.

My childhood friend and classmate at Holy Name,  John Rowland,  passed away.

John was 52.

Wake is at Duffy’s today (9th Street) at 2pm and 7pm

Funeral is tomorrow at 11am at St Saviour.

Last saw John back in 2005 in Staten Island. He was on the baseball field helping young kids. John was a smart dude. RIP brother…


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They say all good things must come to an end.

My guy Carl Manco, along with his brother Anthony is closing shop at Sport Prospect.


Carl’s been at 362 7th avenue (between 10th and 11th street.) for the last 29 years. He’s been a great friend over this time.  He’s one of the best.

I first met Carl in the late 1970’s.  At the time I was in the 6th grade at Holy Name and Carl was running a basketball league down at St. Saviour high school.  My two good friends Frankie and Jimmy Cullen played in the league, so I’d go down with them whenever they had a game.

I sat courtside, alone on a folding chair, filled with envy wishing I could play.

In my early 20’s while unemployed (which was often), which was often, Carl hired me at Paragon Sporting Goods over in the city.  I didn’t have a very good work ethic at the time, nor was I fully committed to the philosophy of making a living.

My tenure at 18th street and Broadway didn’t last long; I quit after a week. That decision is one of many in my early days that I wish I could get a do over on; little did I realize at the time Carl had put his reputation on the line by bringing me in.

I felt that I had let him down.

For the past few years, each time I visit the neighborhood I make it a point to stop in the store and chat with him.

Here’s a link to DNAinfo on the closing.

“It’s sad, but it’s not a bad thing,” 64-year-old Manco said, meaning that the closure isn’t because of a rent increase. “It’s been 29 years and it’s retirement time.”

Good luck Carl. Thanks for your service and friendship over the years. They’re going to miss your T-Shirts.

Your friend,



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“It’s three a.m. there’s too much noise don’t you people ever want to go to bed?” -Mick Jagger

Apartment on 9th ave

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“The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.”

-Bruce Springsteen


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