“The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.”

-Bruce Springsteen


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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

-Walt Disney

USA. New York City. 1959. Brooklyn Gang.

USA. New York City. 1959. Brooklyn Gang.

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Sad news on the passing of Ed Molloy.

The Molloy’s were good people who lived across the street from the boys schoolyard;  37 Howard Place.


(Ed pictured with his grandchildren)

I grew up with his son Kevin and I would see his dad almost every day.

The wake is scheduled for today from 2-5 pm and 7-9pm at Duffy’s on 9th street in Brooklyn.

The mass is at Holy Name Church on Wednesday at 10am; with the burial at Green-Wood cemetery following mass.

For 31 years Ed was a Sheet Metal worker for Local 28. He was also a combat infantry disabled veteran of the Korean War and a multiple past commander of McFadden’s American Legion Post.

Kevin added this note on his dad; “as old school as they get.

My condolences to the entire Molloy family.

RIP – Ed

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“If you want something bad enough, go out and fight for it, work day and night for it, give up your time, peace and sleep for it.” -Les Brown



2001 Unisex Hair Cut



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“I can’t imagine a person being a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything’s he got.” -Walter Cronkite

Think back to all the hard workers from our neighborhood.

Really think about it.

Crowded Subway

The Ironworker who got up at the crack of dawn to build the city.

The cop or fireman…putting on the uniform every day to protect and serve across New York City.

The schoolteacher at Holy Name who had to teach the daily lesson and deal with us kids.

All the shopkeepers across 9th avenue opening their business to serve the neighborhood. (Is John still delivering for United on that bike?)

Work ethic. That’s what it was always about. Whether it was the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s…

Today in 2017 the same holds true. Nothing’s changed.

Nothing gets done without the work.

That’s one lesson I wish I learned back in the day.

My work ethic was poor. Below average for sure.

Thank God that changed. I even was able to teach the timeless lesson to our 17 year-old daughter Taylor.

She’s taken it and ran with it…We watch her every day. Whether it’s getting up early for school (by herself) and most important, going to her after-school job. (Saturday’s and Sunday’s too).

Just the other day she said to me, “They took me off Sunday’s.”

I said that’s great you get a day off now.

“NO DAD, I WANNA WORK!” She replied.

Have a great day!



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It’s already January 3rd.  We’re three days into 2017.

Time waits for no one.

Remember just a few nights ago sipping from a cup of your favorite drink, watching the ball drop at Times Square? (It’s funny, all the years of living in Brooklyn, I never once went over to forty-second street to watch the ball drop.)

Feels like just last night though…

And how about the assholes making fun of Mariah Carey? She has more money and success then we can ever imagine. So what, she screwed up. Big deal. Move on. You’ve never made a mistake? I have. And plenty of them.

Live life to the fullest. Get everything you can out of each day, I know I am.

Be nice to people. Smile. Say something positive. Hug your kids. Kiss your spouse on the lips. Let go of a grudge. Stop being so bitter. Call a friend. E-mail. Text. Workout. Get active. Stay active.  Just do it…

Pete Carroll, NFL football coach once said, “Compete to be the greatest you. Let nothing hold you back. Always compete.”


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Good-bye 2016.

Hello 2017.


Wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

I hope you have the greatest year ever! Make 2017 your best!


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