PS 10's schoolyardYo Jackie Kelly…

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  1. John Bies says:

    That schoolyard was the greatest place to spend your childhood. The area pictured was where home plate was located for many many “sponge all softball games. At night, it was the drinking place for underage youth like me who lost our way. Great friendships were forged there. Jack Kelly was a graduate of that schoolyard as well as myself, Cush’s, Cavaretta’s ,Van Pelts,,Troellers,Cummings, Cannucci’s, Passaretti’s to name a few. It also kept a lot of us out of jail because of the summer and winter leagues. In the summer you could get there at 9am and play softball, basketball football until 10pm and than on weekends ( forgot those hours). One of my best childhood memories.

    • Red says:


      I had so much respect for you guys. That schoolyard was very cool.

      Hope all is well and thanks for adding to the blog.

  2. Jim Casey says:

    When very young, had to get there at 9 to get a court before the big guys, Mills,Anton,Pascuzzi,Vesey, Jackie O’B,etc. got there.By 11 had to shoot on the sliding fence entrance and wait for a court to be free while those guys went to lunch.Stayed to 5-6. The oldest-best took the middle hoops, the rest for the rest.The ideal life-all-day hoops.

  3. Mudge says:

    I am sorry to see that they eliminated the softball court in PS10s schoolyard. The unique dimensions and rules provided a great challenge to a ballplayer and some great games and gall players. I mentioned in past blogs nicknames were based on handicaps. Big Ears was Dumbo; Lost a finger became Nines; No teeth you became Gums Probably the worst was a windmill pitcher that played on the Jokers softball team. We called him Cripple Oliver. I do not know what caused his condition, but the only concession given him was that he was assigned a pinch runner. The only charity sought was by the batters that faced him. He was a winning pitcher and I was very proud to be associated with him.

  4. GTrapp says:

    Jim Casey, I’m thinking you are talking about HN schoolyard, picture is of PS10’s, am I mistaken, wouldn’t be 1st time if I am.

  5. Mudge says:

    Are you guys talking about two diffrent school yards Iam confused.

  6. John Bies says:

    The picture displayed is PS10’S but if you think about it the location is different but for our generation the stories,memories,competition,sports are all the same. The schoolyard was our generations computer,ipad and phone all in one. The best competition, friendships and athletes were found there. Would not trade it for all the computers and technology in the world.

  7. Mudge says:

    Yes the picture is taken looking in at where home plate use to be. You seem to be a little bit younger the I . Did you know my kid brother his name is Jim Stretton he hung out with some of the names you have mentioned. Coolis not the word that replaced it stupid is . MUDGE

  8. GTrapp says:

    John, Well said….Very true, only those lucky enough to have actually grown up in the school yard environment/ culture know and agree with what you say.

  9. John Bies says:

    On second thought,you guys are absolutely right. Toughness was an essential learned skill that we practiced. Not necessarily fist fighting as much as you learned to fit in , not be meek and in all those years no one ran home to get mommy and daddy.On the courts you took a certain amount of fouling and than you pushed back .Most times it resolved itself.On my visits to New York it never ceases to amaze me that all the schoolyards are empty. Holy Name schoolyard without someone from the Trapp family playing ball, or PS 10’s and absolutely no one playing softball. The kids of today are missing one of the best experiences. Recently read that college recruiters are wondering why they are not getting guys from New York anymore. Skills on the court are an acquired skillset from the schoolyards and they are empty.

  10. Mudge says:

    If you look close enough to thepicture there is no home plate no third base

  11. John Bies says:

    Home plate was to the right in the pic and 3rd base was in the forefront where that colored drawing is.

  12. Mudge says:

    John thats right my point is they they dont play softball anymore and thats the shame. I see they added a basketball poll to there credit.

  13. holy2520name says:

    They used to have a basketball rim near the 7th ave . end of the schoolyard with the brick wall as a backyard. It was terrible for playing. I guess they don’t see a need for a softball court. I played many a game there in day leagues, summer leagues, night leagues and weekends

  14. Mudge says:

    Red I know the diffrence inour age but John comes across around my brothers age.

  15. Jim Casey says:

    How long did HN play its CYO games in PS 10 ?
    I know we did in ’58 and ’59.

    • Red says:

      In 1977, I was playing my 7th grade games there.

      No 8th grade team.

      Didn’t have anyone to coach.

      Loved PS 10’s.

      We practiced there on Monday and Wednesday nights.

      I recall when I was in the 5th grade, we had a house crew. I played one year up. Our team was coached by Danny Piselli. Visitation was our arch-rival.

      The place was packed. They sold tickets at school.

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