The Village Voice conducts a contest each year to determine the best. The best hot dog, hamburger, coffee, the best bookstore, best bike shop, and the best bikini waxer. (I’m not kidding on that last one)

Carl Manco of Sport Prospect was voted “Best T-Shirt Shop” in New York City last year. We have to help him defend his title.

Click on the Village Voice site and locate the best T-Shirt category to cast your vote for Carl and Sport Prospect!


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6 Responses to THE BEST OF NYC…

  1. jimmyvac says:

    How can they not pick Farrell’s best cold beer?

  2. TonyF16th St says:

    What about the best neighborhood? Or place to raise a family?

  3. Jack Kelly says:

    Or “The Best Place To Eat And There’s No Crowd Because No One Knows About It” award……Wait a minute if that happened then people would know about it and because of the crowd trying to get in they would lose the title of being ” The Best Place To Eat And There’s No Crowd Because No One Knows About It”. I’ll have to think about this one for awhile.

  4. jimmyvac says:

    That new restaurant on 8th and Prospect may qualify.. we went to dinner there around 4:45pm.. In 10 minutes , the place was packed with folks waiting. Tony, best neighborood is a slam dunk….

  5. Al says:

    My vote for best pastrami (or corned beef) sandwich is the world famous Katz’s Deli, in lower Manhattan. Runner up is The Second ave. deli.

    The famed Stage Deli, in midtown, another place for a damn good sandwich, just recently closed for good.

    The best potato knish on earth could be had at the legendary Shatzkins Famous Knishes, which was right next to Nathan’s in Coney Island, until the early 1970’s. No knish I’ve had since came close—not by a country mile. They melted in your mouth with such flavor—all freshly made.

    True story: Last summer, while vacationing with my family, we made several stops at various locations in the northeast. On a two-day layover in Toronto visiting friends, we had just arrived in the city and were all starving after our long trip. While driving around (for about a half-hour) sightseeing and looking for a suitable spot for lunch, I made a wrong turn down a street, and after a loop around a few blocks my jaw dropped, and I brought our car to a dead stop in the middle of the street. Up ahead on the right was this sign: “KATZ’S DELI and Corned Beef Emporium.” I thought I was dreaming for a second and said aloud, “I don’t believe it!”.

    Needless to say I pulled into the parking lot Daytona 500-style, scrambled out and bolted inside. It was a big place, with multiple counters, and everything laid out cafeteria style. Their menu was almost as extensive as the original Katz’s, and by all appearances, everything looked quite good.. We ordered a mountain of food, sat down in a booth, and tore into those sandwiches faster than you could say “East Houston Street.” It was all delicious, and we couldn’t believe our incredible luck. I just kept saying “What are the odds?” over and over.

    Not a half-hour before, while in the car discussing possible food options so my son could use his iPad to do a quick area search for eateries, I mentioned, wistfully, that “what I would really like right now is a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s deli—heavy on the mustard.”

    What are the odds?

    We left Toronto the next day, shaking our heads in disbelief, and headed for Lake Placid, NY, a fine mountain town surrounded by (often) snow-capped peaks—as scenic a spot as you could find. I know the region like the back of my hand, and my son Toby and I spent a few days fishing the local streams and ponds while the girls (Mom and Julia) concerned themselves with those feminine pursuits us guys know all too well.

    By the way, if you are ever up in Toronto, the address is 3300 Dufferin Street, Toronto M6A 2T5, telephone#(416)782-1111.

    Incidentally, Toronto is one amazing, world-class city, and we were blown away by how Manhattan-like it is. Who knew? It is the largest city in Canada, the fifth most populous in all of North America, and their economy, one of the strongest in the world, is on a tear. Every other street we drove on had new construction going up. Need a job? Head up there. Remarkably, their winters aren’t much worse than the New York region. It is one beautiful city. And, it’s home to the Toronto Maple Leafs—if you like ice hockey.

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