While doing some writing last night, I thought back to my days as a student at John Jay High School, located on 7th avenue and 5th street.

Jay was a popular destination for a lot of people in the neighborhood.  Whether you enrolled there following your graduation from Holy Name or you ended up there after transferring out of your original high school, one thing for sure, there were a lot of H.N.S. alumni walking the halls at Jay.

Do you recall the two sessions they offered.  A morning session was reserved for the upperclassmen and the infamous afternoon session that went from 12:15 to 5:00 PM for the freshmen and sophomores. (I wonder how well that would go off today with high school students?)

How many readers of the Container Diaries blog attended John Jay? I was a student there not once, but twice.  My tenure was brief.

Some memories of my time spent on 7th avenue and 5th street was; being a member of the basketball team, watching the baseball team in Prospect Park, holding my class schedule in my hand walking the crowded halls trying to find my class and of course, trying to locate an unlocked door or a door without a security guard to make my escape…in other words, ‘cutting class’.

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