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Billy and Mikey are sitting in Terrace Bagels. Lately, it’s become their favorite morning spot.

“Lemme guess Billy, you’re going to the Garden tonight?” Mikey wondered about his buddy on whether he was going to the Rangers game tonight against the Washington Capitals.

It was game 7.


Mikey looks surprised at Billy’s answer.

“What ya mean nope?”

Billy sips his extra large cup of coffee and takes a bite out of his plain bagel with cream cheese.

“Got a date tonight,” Billy informs him.

“Same chick as last week?” Mikey asked.

“Nah, going out with Noreen,” Billy implied.

Mikey looks surprised.


“Yep, she finally agreed to let me take her out,” Billy explained.

“Ain’t she married?” Mikey asked.

“Nah, she got divorced about a year ago,” Billy informs him.

Mikey finishes up his coffee and polishes off his Sesame bagel.

“She’s hot man, I saw her at the neighborhood reunion,” Mikey testified.

“Fuck yeah she’s hot,” Billy confirms rather enthusiastically.

“You always had a crush on her,” Mikey recalled.

Billy grabs his empty cup off the table and stands up.

“I gotta go Mikey. Yo, you know if they give coffee refills in this joint?”

“Nah man, what ya think this is?” Mikey answers. “Where ya going anyway?”

Billy wipes his mouth with a napkin, snatches up the mess he made and tosses everything in the garbage.

“Going to the gym to workout.” Billy says. “It’s been a while,” As he rubs his stomach. It’s grown a bit over the years.

Mikey smiles.

“Okay bro, good luck tonight with Noreen,” Mikey says as Billy heads for the door.

“Thanks Mikey and bet the Rangers tonight, they’re a lock,” Billy advised him.

Mikey watches Billy walk out the door and onto ninth avenue. Mikey hasn’t placed a bet in a few days. He’s even now with Roger.

Should I bet the Rangers tonight? Mikey thinks to himself as he quickly pulls out the Daily News and checks the line.

“Fuck, New York is -164,” he says out loud.

Louie is wiping down the table next to him.

“Don’t you bet the Rangers tonight,” Louie warns him.

Mikey doesn’t even look at him.  He contemplates what to do next.

“When you going back to work?” Louie asks.

Again, Mikey doesn’t say anything as he grabs the newspaper, stuffs it in his back pocket and heads for the door.

As Louie cleans up the table he thinks to himself; guy is gambling and he doesn’t even have a job.




Parking sign 9th and9th

Tuesday afternoon – May 12

“Yo Billy, don’t park your car over on ninth street,” Mikey warned his friend while they sat on the parkside enjoying a container from Farrell’s.

“Why not?” Billy wondered.

“Cause, read this,” Mikey replied, handing the newspaper to Billy.



Received word that Bobby passed away. He was 81.

Here’s the obit from the New York Daily News.

BURKE-Robert Patrick (Bob), 81, of Manhattan, passed away doing what he loved best – playing basketball with his son, Jim, and his grandson, Kevin – at his favorite spot, the New York Athletic Club, on his favorite day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.

Bob was born in Brooklyn, NY, son of William Patrick Burke and Elizabeth Doyle Burke, brother to William “Billy” Burke and Arthur Burke, all deceased.

Bob proudly served in the Air Force as an Intercept Operator during the Korean War.

After the war, Bob started his life long love of cruising; among the industry, his family and friends, Bob was known as “the cruise man”.

He is survived by his loving wife, Suzanne Healy Burke, along with his son, James Cavanaugh Burke (Manhattan), his daughter, Kimberley Burke Mazzella (Oceanport, NJ), and her five children; Maggie, Leigh, Genevieve, Kevin and Frances.

In lieu of flowers, kindly send donations to the Wounded Warrior Project (woundedwarriorproject.org/donate) in memory of our beloved Bob.


It’s all about the assist.

Thanks to Tony F. for sending me the really cool NBA All-Star pull-out section from the Daily News dedicated to the greatest basketball players to come out of New York City.

Daily News NYC pull out

When you think of NYC, basketball comes to mind. (Sorry, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind)

The city produced so many great players over the years.

Didn’t matter where you were; you could always find a good run in any of the five boroughs.

I had the pleasure of playing ball in all five.

From talking to many friends that still live in and around the city, it’s not like that anymore.

What happened?

Here’s the list of the Top 10 from the city (Via the New York Daily News).

1-Kareem Abdul-Jabber

2-Bob Cousy

3-Chris Mullin

4-Dolph Schayes 

5-Lenny Wilkins

6-Richie Guerin

7-Bernard King

8-Connie Hawkins

9-Billy Cunningham

10-Nate Archibald

I think there could be a serious debate over this list.

So we’re at Farrell’s, standing at the bar. Discuss…




Bumped into an old friend tonight (On Facebook, not on ninth avenue)

We reminisced about the days of growing up in the neighborhood.

NYC Sign about parking

A couple of hours later I came across this piece from the New York Daily News on a writer who left New York City.


Here’s the author of the story with an interesting comment; he has since moved to a small town in Colorado.

I was born and raised in middle-class Brooklyn, and imagined one day raising my children in the neighborhood I grew up in — one I will never be able to afford as the row houses and apartments intended to house ordinary New Yorkers have become multi-million-dollar luxury housing, out of reach for those without Wall St. jobs or family money.

So I left, and am happier for it.

At times I have thought of writing a piece on why I left the city. And some day, I may get around to it.

One reason I left was due to the high cost of living. I was paying close to two thousand dollars a month for an apartment down on eleventh avenue. One bedroom apartment.

This was back in 1996. Seems such a long time ago.

There’s no telling what the landlord charges 18 years later.

I am not bitter nor am I jealous that I no longer can afford to live in the neighborhood where I grew up. Time heals all wounds.

I’m sure others were in the same boat. I know people from the neighborhood who have moved to Staten Island, New Jersey and Upstate New York. Pretty close to the city. It’a different though if you have moved across the country or down South.

I like where I am, I really do. It’s not crowded. There’s zero traffic. I can drive everywhere. I can walk and bike too.

No more crowded trains where someone next to you might get upset because they’re having a bad day.

It takes me just a few minutes to get to work.

Our schools are wonderful and most important, I have met some good people.

Tonight my friend on Facebook mentioned to me that she was jealous of where I lived. I’m sure she would like it out here.



New York Daily News with the story of spanking your child when they act up. You know, a form of discipline.


The courts say it’s kosher.

We all got hit back in the day when we were out of line.

How about at Holy Name? Mamma Mia!

Listen to Kiko from Long Island City, the father of a 9-year-old boy who is quoted in the story:

“A father has to educate his son, has to spank a little to protect his kids from growing up wrong.  Some kids, if you don’t smack them a little, they won’t learn any respect.”




I came across this tribute to the late Danny Mills who passed away four years ago.

Click here to read what the Mighty Quinn of the NY Daily News had to say about the former Farrell’s bartender.

“Danny was always there to listen to what was going on in your life. The last time we stopped in to see him over the summer, I had cut my finger. On my father’s advice I asked Danny if he had a Band-aid. He just happened to have one in his wallet and he handed it to me.”