One thing I miss about the old neighborhood is the summer league in the boys schoolyard.

summer league i

While talking, wait check that, while texting with Glenn T. and Danny P. we often reminisece about the good old days.

Today Glenn mentioned some dream one-on-one match-ups that we would have loved to seen.  I threw in a few myself.

We deemed it, “Basketball Digest: Who’s Better?”

Buddy Thompson or Mickey Deere?

Willie Lanizera or Patty Byrnes?

Danny Mahoney or Marty Lakeowski?

Jay Smallman or Tommy Barrett?

Louie Webber or Ray Collura?

Mario Barrucco or Mr. Pitt?

Joe Farrell or John Corrar?

Michael Larkin or Kenny Crowley?

Joe Hurley or John Powers?

Richie Deere or Alan Lang?

Jimmy Rauthier or Michael Bundrick?

Artie Lee or Tito Martinez?

Gerry Cole or Charlie Kawas?

Jimmy Cullen or Michael Campbell?

Jimmy Vackner or Ray Goffio?

Frankie Cullen or Joe Santos?

Timmy Kemp or Billy Gallagher?

Albert Esposito or Curtis Walker?

Who ya got?