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Mental health issues have been a popular topic in society as of late.  Make no mistake, they have been around for many years.

Me in the yard

Father Burns at Holy Name recently took his own life.   I bet we all know someone who has committed suicide.   Just this past year I have lost a few friends due to this awful disease.   Mental health problems hit everyone.   Robin Williams, the incredible actor/comedian took his life.   Doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not.  Rich or poor.  It can strike anyone.

Container Diaries reader, Catherine Howard wrote in and mentioned Mental Health;  she makes some very good points.   https://holyname.wordpress.com/2018/12/24/r-i-p-father-burns/#comments

I firmly  believe we are all battling something from time-to-time.  Most of us anyway, I know I have been for many years.

Life’s not easy, just may be the hardest game in the world.

Give a good day

When we see an athlete go down with an injury, everyone rushes to help them.  We make sure they rehab and get back to action.  How come when someone seems to have a mental setback, we turn our backs or brush it under the rug?  Or we act like nothing is wrong?   I once had a parent of one of my players tell others that “Finamore is bipolar.” 

Oh really?  Well how come you didn’t try and help me?

It should be mentioned that this particular parent was disgruntled because his son wasn’t getting much playing time.

Wiffle Ball

I applaud the people who come out and talk about mental health.  I respect the ones who want to do something about it.

Maybe it’s time we all chip in together and try and defeat this awful condition?

Not saying this will cure your mental health issues but here are a few things that help me get through each day.  They may make you feel a bit better…

1-Owning a dog


3-Family and Friends



6-Mindfulness and Meditation.


Stay well my friends…and stay in the present moment.