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N.Y.U. was the place to be on Monday night; the Glucksman Ireland House to be exact.   Our very own Pete Hamill was honored.

Thanks to Rich Nolan for the following summary:


It was pretty good!

Impressive guest list;  Dan Barry, James McBride, Mike Lupica, Joanna Molloy, Jim Dwyer, Mike Barnicle,Sam Roberts, Peggy Noonan, Carl Hiaasen, Charles Sennott, and Denis Hamill.

Throwing quotes around and apologizing for reading from his prepared script (and being a Knicks fan) he thanked his wife Fukiko for teaching him about basketball.  He said, he never played growing up in Holy Name (I can’t imagine that) and she played high school hoops in Japan(?) and they both, now, watch the Knicks!


Pete said “less time in Purgatory would be his reward.”

I have seen Pete several times and what I found most, well, amazing was his speaking.  I would pay money just to hear him speak.  Many writers, as you may know, can put together sentences on paper but get tongue tied, or worse, when speaking.  Not Pete.

Pete still puts his heart and soul into the delivery.

There was also a clip of “Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists,” a forthcoming short film produced and directed by Jonathan Alter, John Block and Steve McCarthy.

Judy Collins rounded out the evening with a rendition and sing-a-long of Amazing Grace. It was, well… amazing!

Thanks Rich, for keeping us in the loop.