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I am sitting in Starbucks drinking an iced coffee with whole milk and 4 splenda.

This guy, probably in his 40’s comes walking in wearing a New York Mets cap.

Met Power

Here in East Lansing, Michigan in the 22 years I have been around, I have not seen one New York Mets hat.   I’ve seen a few Yankees caps but Mets? Not so much.

“Yo, you a Mets fan?’ I ask him.

“Yeah I am.”

“Cool, you don’t see many Mets hats around here,” I reply.

“I’m from New York,” the Mets fan says.

“Which part?” I ask.

“The City, Manhattan.”

“Oh sweet, I’m from Brooklyn.”

Dude turned out to be cool.  A friend of his showed up moments later, he was from Queens.

We chatted a bit.

Three boroughs covered in an East Lansing Starbucks…