December, 1978

I’m 14.

Stopped going to school.

Mom calls me a truant.

Dad doesn’t care, he stopped living with us when I was 6.

“Tell ’em to get a job,” he says to my mother when she tells on me.

Later for that…

Supposed to be a freshman at Power Memorial.  Should be on the freshman basketball team, running the point for them.   Don’t like getting up at 6, can’t stand the long train ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Two trains, F and the A.

Later for that too…

Instead I’m staying home every day while all my friends go to school. Some are on their freshman team at their school.

Mom has had it with me. She’s fed up with me doing nothing.  Tried hiding my truancy for a few weeks, shit caught up to me. School was calling home and sending letters.

Each day I get up at eleven in the morning, eat some cereal then go hang out in the schoolyard.

Some days I steal a few bucks from mom’s pocketbook and take a train ride over to Manhattan.

I love Manhattan. So much to do. So much to see…