No more cars in Prospect Park.

My memory of cars in Prospect Park? I was part of a group of kids who stole a car on 5th avenue and 9th street and went on a joy ride in the park.  We must have went around the park about ten times.  I never had a chance to get behind the wheel that night. I was 14.

Starting in the new year, vehicle traffic will be completely banned inside Prospect Park, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

The change will begin on Jan. 2 and will remain in effect “24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” the mayor said.

The new rules come more than two years after the city banned cars on Prospect Park’s West Drive, keeping the park’s East Drive open a few hours each morning during rush hour. At the time, residents on the park’s east side fumed about the exception, while advocates continued to push the city to prohibit all cars.