I snatched this image from Gerard Trapp on Facebook.

Howard Place back in the day…


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14 Responses to 89 YEARS AGO

  1. RichieK says:

    I Think someone posted this image before, They asked what was different or not there! Cars lollll

  2. Steve McLaughlin says:

    Steve – google “Brooklyn pics”
    Lots of historical photos of Windsor Terrace

  3. Gerard clifford says:

    My father was 13 when this picture was taken.he remembers them building the subways. I want out with a girl Who lived On Howard place. You can still tell it’s Howard place but how much more cozy it is now.I remember the fuller brushlady used to live on the last house on the street my girlfriend was right across from the playground. Anytime The subway went by all the houses used to shake on that end of howard place.lots of memories in one photo. Thanks Steve and to gerard trap for providing this photo.

    • Steve says:

      Yeah-Yeah! Hope all is well.

    • Joe Hajjar says:

      This made me smile. The Fuller Brush lady is my sister ,Yvonne Hajjar , and she still lives in 1 Howard Place. She is 83 years old and her health is pretty bad to to advanced Parkinson’s disease. I will share your family name with her when I visit her at Labor Day.What is the name of my sister’s customer?
      Regards, Joe Hajjar

  4. Joe Hajjar says:

    This I don’t a very unusual photo. I was Gerard Trapp’s neighbor and lived in 1 Howard Place. Ever since whenever there was a subway on the corner and the houses straight at the end of the street do not exist. That is where Holy Name Parish children Place grass sports today.Any one know the date of this photo?
    Joe Hajjar

  5. Jim casey says:

    My dad graduated from HNS in 1920.

  6. JS says:

    I always love to see these old pictures. ARE THERE ANY photos that predate even some of the buildings?

  7. Gerard clifford says:

    Joe your sister Yvonne is one of a kind.im sorry to here she’s so sick.my mother Mary clifford was her customer.i would go to your house to pick up orders And could talk to your sister all day,great lady tell her I said hello.

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