My old apartment. Top floor over Bob’s Hardware Store. Windows 4, 5, and 6 from the right.

Hardware Store

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8 Responses to 9TH AVENUE

  1. James Pardee says:

    Awesome, I imagine it would be way too expensive to rent now. My sister lives down the block on PPW,

    • Steve says:

      Oh baby…do not want to know what the rent is going for these days. Scares me to even think about it.

      Thanks James – hope all is well and that your sister is digging the neighborhood.

      But I gotta be honest, it’s nothing like it used to be.

      • James Pardee says:

        Lived there most of our life. I live in Ohio now but love to visit NY and when I stay at my sisters I walk up to the diners for breakfast. Take care.

  2. Joe Hajjar says:

    The neighborhood is still a great neighborhood. It has a different level of income category and there are lots of nannies pushing strollers. Nice restaurants compliment the place and Holy Name School is now called St. Joseph The Worker School. Holy Name Church is still Holy Name. Rents run $2,500-$3,500 and there are not many vacancies. As the rest of the world has changed so has our old neighborhood, only our neighborhood is very desirable and most kids go to PS154 now, a very highly regarded School. The biggest difference is that our old neighborhood was mostly practicing Catholics that attended our Catholic School. Growing up I did not know anyone that was not Catholic. The school yard was the town plaza and we all played ball 7 days a week. It does not exist now but you will see lots of tikes playing organized ball of some sort in the lot between Howard Pl and 16th Street. It is still probably the best neighborhood in Brooklyn. Don’t be a stranger if you love the old place. Grab a beer in your favorite bar and reminisce . You will probably see some familiar faces.

  3. Joe Hajjar says:

    That is funny. Your windows were the foul territory in right field for stickball. Najax Cleaners and above was fair and outside that was foul.

  4. Gerard clifford says:

    Seeing this building brings back a flood of great memories for me falling in love on that corner. playing football on Windsor between eighth and ninth.beating Billy Maloney in a two hand touch game billy was considered unbeatable at that time. every picture tells a story confidence built on a street corner.

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