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4 Responses to HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

  1. Al says:

    Dispatch from Toyota Sienna on I76 Westbound, near Washington, Pennsylvania:

    Spending July 4th with family driving to Indiana through mainly agricultural areas and pastoral countryside. Spent last night in downtown Philly; first visit and had a nice dinner in its Chinatown. Stopped by Lancaster (Amish country) but scrubbed a visit to Gettysburg historic battleground and museum due to right wing political activists causing July 4 disruption for their political agendas. Had planned a visit to that hallowed ground for a long time but we’ll have to try another time. We’ll visit the famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (Jack Hannah’s hangout) on the way. After that, a couple of other stops before we arrive at Indiana University, where our son will be attending New Student Orientation; in the fall he’ll be attending their Kelley School of Business and start his life out of the nest. There’ll be about another six weeks before we give him those departing hugs, shed some tears and drive back home—-with one more empty seat in the car.

  2. Michael Bove says:

    TY Steve.Best 4th July memories ever as a kid.our neighborhood 1960’s.it was a special and exciting day we all looked forward to. The BBQs with family and friends and most of all the fireworks.We couldnt wait for it to get dark, after all we spent the 2weeks before trying to fanagle any fireworks we could get our hands on.Chinatown, the docks and the neighborhood cops. The parties would go from the back yard to the stoop.my Gramps use to give me a lit piece of rope and pockets full of firecrackers.(blackjack I think). Ash cans, Cherry bombs, m-80’s & pineapples with little parental or police interference we had the time of our lives. Happy fourth everyone

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