Tragedy outside John Jay.

A 20-year-old was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stabbing a teen in the back and hand, biting another teen in the chest and slashing the ear of a man in front of the John Jay educational campus while a group of junior high student bystanders were caught in the melee, according to police and witnesses.

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3 Responses to COME ON MAN!

  1. Tony16st. says:

    Welcome to the “crime is at an all time low in the 5 boroughs” Steve. He only “allegedly” did those things. I’m sure even though he has a prior arrest record for similar crimes he’s a misunderstood angel the other kids did something to provoke him form acting out.
    This stuff happens every day 7 days a week. The quality of life since Fred Munster became mayor is down the toilet and lets not forget “Lily” Mark-Viverito his trusty side kick

  2. Kevin Patrick Molloy says:

    Just another day when I was at Jay!

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