DNA info with the disturbing story below…

Rock in Prospect Park

The 60-year-old unidentified man was found by police Sunday afternoon after passersby reported a smell to authorities, police said. Officers discovered the man lying face up inside a small tent in a wooded area near the park’s Center Drive.

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  1. Gerard clifford says:

    This is a sad story.once homelessness was only in the big cities as rents went up and paychecks didn’t. Some people slipped through the cracks and wind up on the streets.Now sadly the cost of owning a home or even renting in places like Park slope our the tri-state area for that matter is almost impossible for the middle class.
    in the early 90s you could get an apartment for $400.a month now decades later. It’s more like $4000 a month in the city.well like a virus when prices go up one place. It spreads To another .20 years ago you could buy a house in Maine on a lake with at least 10 acres $for 70,000 dollars. Now it’s $750,000. And in the half-century that I’ve come to Maine. I never saw people panhandling starving and in tent cities. Now sadly the story you posted I read in the newspapers or see on the local news similar stories of finding someone deceased in a tent,On regular basis.Maine has always been a paradise. But in the last 10 years it’ has all the social problems that the big cities have. This could happen to anyone of us .No one should have to live in A tent and especially pass away alone in one .

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