9th avenue’s own, Tommy Ryan took a fall yesterday while working on the Verrazano.

Click the link for the story via the Daily News.

The worker was on the Brooklyn side of the bridge when he fell around 12 p.m. and landed on a beam on the lower deck. Emergency Services Units had to cut through a fence to get to him. They then hooked him to a rope to bring him to safety.

Get well soon my friend.


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3 Responses to ONE OF US

  1. Gerard clifford says:

    My father was a steeplejack one of two that worked for the city exclusively doing all the high points on the bridges and buildings that the city the 1960s before OSHA even existed. No safety harness only a bowlsins chair. The year I was born he fell off the Queensboro Bridge. We almost lost him. After the accident he built himself back up but was never quite the same. I wish the best for Tommy Ryan. And red as usual you’re a class act my friend.your thoughtfulness of others speaks volumes of who you are as a person red. Keep up the good work.

    • Steve says:

      Your father is a throw-back. What a guy! Tough…

      I miss those guys; Timboo’s was filled with them back in the day. Farrell’s as well.

      Thanks for your kind comment, you made my day.

  2. Gerard clifford says:

    I’m lost without those guys the were truly the greatest generation. They’re work ethic set the bar high as it can go. But I remember watching you set the bar high red.for several years I went out with a girl named Kristen rower she went to holy name and was a damn good basketball player.she lived right across the Street from the holy name basketball courts on howard place. I watched you for years honing your craft in now what is sadly a parking lot. You certainly paid your dues and then some. And to know now that you’re coaching. Many people dream of doing for a living what there greatest passion is. You my friend made it happen.🏀

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