A letter from Steve (2017) to Red (1978)…

Hey Red,

How you doing?

Just wanted to reach out to you and see what was up…


I hear you are not in school anymore. What’s up?

They tell me you dropped out, again. What’s this your third school?

What’s happening?

Something wrong?

You’re a good basketball player, you should be on the team. Get your shit together and get your ass back in school.

You need me to take you down to John Jay and enroll you?

I can take you in Coakley’s office and find out when try-outs are.

You know Jackie Ryan from East 5th street?

He played their last year and was the man.

You can do the same thing; they have a good team coming back.

How’s your mom? She’s good people. Hope you are treating her right.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.