Happy Easter to all my hoodlum friends…

Schoolyard with cars May 2015

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6 Responses to SALLY, TAKE MY HAND

  1. GT says:

    Happy Easter Red🏀⛹⛹🏻‍♀️

  2. Gerard clifford says:

    Happy Easter to all. Hoodlums now red you know that’s exaggerating. I did see a few mugshots.And the times I did hang out with your crew we did get a little out of hand on the F train ,On those fun trips to Coney Island.but those hoodlums would be there in a second if you were in any trouble. I recall Jimmy c from Lower Windsor would be the first to Step-in if his crew or any others from the neighborhood needed his back.of course you bring back great memories by using one when are you writing the Book containing diaries stories from the slope.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Gerard. And by the way, two things, when I say Hoodlum, it’s all love. And second, the book has been in the works, I am almost finished. Been tough to write it, but hoping it’s done soon. I am all over the place with different projects.

      Thanks for writing.

  3. Gerard clifford says:

    I was just teasing red.I know you meant it with love. Now you getting me really excited. I would love to buy one of the first copies. let me know when it’s and my brother can’t wait to read it. You are truly one-of-a-kind red.keep being you brother.

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