Me, John and Sharon

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  1. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Haha! Great photo!

  2. Pat Feeney says:

    Hi Steve,
    My husband, Bob Feeney, told me about your blog. He went to Bishop Ford & knows a lot of guys from the neighborhood. My dad, Patrick McNiff, was an ironworker too, but was killed on the job in 1960.
    We lived on 8th St & I can’t remember where you lived but one time your mom asked me to babysit. It was probably around 1970. I think she was going bowling. I got there & when the coast was clear, my boyfriend came to the house to hang out. Well, your mom had the wrong night & came home really early. We were just probably watching TV but I remember being so embarrassed!
    Carol never asked me to babysit again lol but I don’t think she ever told my mom either.
    I enjoyed scrolling through your blog…jogged a bunch of good old Park Slope memories.
    Pat McNiff Feeney

    • Steve says:


      Thanks for writing. Sorry to hear about your father, I’m sure he was a great man.

      Funny story about baby-sitting. Number one I’m shocked she got someone to sit for us because I recall so many nights being home alone, and two, I doubt for a moment she cared you had company. LOL.

      We lived on 10th street then moved to Ninth avenue right around that time.

      Thanks again for reading and reaching out.

      Hope all is well on your end.

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