Heck of a writer.

Jim Dwyer of the New York Times with a tribute on Breslin.

I became friends with his daughter Kelly back in the early 90’s; she was cool people. Poor girl passed away way too young.

Back in the day I think Breslin took part in a beer commercial at Farrell’s?

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9 Responses to JIMMY BRESLIN

  1. Everyone probably has a Jimmy Breslin story. I called him back during the “Son of Sam” crisis, when he was getting a lot of attention from the killer, who was writing to him and seemed to enjoy reading about himself in the papers. To my shock, Breslin actually answered the phone. My little scheme amused him, but doubted NYPD would ever consider it. He had a unique style and way of looking at the world and brought the forgotten people that no one ever wrote about into our consciousness. R.I.P Jimmy, you will be missed.

  2. Jim casey says:

    2 of the funniest books ever were by Breslin: The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight(LOL) and Can’t Anyone Here Play This game ? About the ’62 Mets.
    One of a kind

  3. Dan Mahoney says:

    He was a giant among a team of other legendary writers/ columnists from back in the 1970’s. Russell Baker,Murray Kempton, Pete Hamil, Joe Flaherty, David Halbertstam, Art Buchwald are but a few that come to mind. I loved his battles with then NYC Mayor Koch!! RIP Mr. Breslin…

    Jimmy Breslin did in fact do a beer commercial in Farrell’s. It was for Piels beer. I worked on it way back around 1980-81! “Piels ,its not just a beer ,its a good drinking beer.”

  4. Gerard clifford says:

    Dan you are so right. Like Russell baker Jimmy was old-school not afraid to fight the fight even if it was with the mayor. And I remember the Budweiser commercial. Brings back great memories. Rip mr.Breslin.jimmy will be missed but not forgotten.

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