RIP Chuck Berry…

Corner shot of schoolyard

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  1. Jim casey says:

    Goes to show you never can tell

    • Steve says:

      So sad…when i found out. Downloaded a ton of his songs; amazing hits. Back in the day I would have gone down to the record shop on 5th avenue and 9th street.

      • Jim casey says:

        Same one I went to in the 50s. Bought Sweet Georgia Brown there after i saw the Globetrotters

  2. Gerard clifford says:

    Sad to see we lost another legend.without Chuck Berry there wouldn’t be rocking roll as we know it. Yes there were other legends that made huge contributions to Rock ‘n’ roll. Chuck never stop doing what he loved. I remember when Chuck was 85 years old Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin Saw one of Chuck shows and was blown away that this 85-year-old man was rocking the stage like a teenager,and that’s what he did up till the end. Go Johnny go.

  3. Jim casey says:

    Another RIP to the great writer and friend of Pete Hamill–JIMMY BRESLIN
    Who had been seen from time to time in Farrell’s !

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