My cousins lived on Fuller Place.

The Sabbagh’s. 29 Fuller Place to be exact.

Loved their house. Spent so much time there. Loved their front porch.

The late Joe Sabbagh Sr. would always laugh at me when I ran into his house to drop a deuce.

“You only come in here when you have to take a shit!” He screamed at me one night.


He scared me though.

The block was filled with many kids.

Great families.

Really cool people.

From Windsor Place to Prospect Avenue, there was always something going on; day and night.

Stickball. Tag. Red light, Green light, Coco, Whiffle Ball, 7 Minutes in Heaven (Sssshhh) Punchball, Off the Point…you name it, we played it.

On the corner of Fuller and Prospect lived the Dilgen family; awesome people. John, Billy and Deloris. (Think there was another sister but I’m blanking on her name…)

They had the coolest house on the block. That wall though…LOL

Dilgin Wall on Fuller

John’s son, John Hudson is battling a hideous disease.


Please visit the site below and help fund-raise. The Dilgen’s are trying to do a little construction on their bathroom to help John Hudson.

Click this link for more info.


Thanks so much!

Stay strong John Hudson…



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