“It’s three a.m. there’s too much noise don’t you people ever want to go to bed?” -Mick Jagger

Apartment on 9th ave

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5 Responses to GET OFF MY CLOUD

  1. T.R. Ryan says:

    If i remember correctly the owner of Bob’s Hardware was actually named Morty and his mother (who looked like Granny from The Beverley Hillbillies) was the cashier. Is that right?

  2. George Farrell says:

    I recall a classmate and buddy named Dennis Coyle who lived over Bob’s Hardware back in the 1950’s.

  3. Steve says:

    Yes, that is correct.

  4. Gerard clifford says:

    As usual Steve this brings back great memories, a tr you brought back even greater memories mentioning Morty and his mother you couldn’t have described it better.keep up the good work Steve you have no idea how much your posts have meant to me and my brother. Thanks red

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