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Donato Barrucco on John Cain.


My deepest sympathy and condolences to the Cain and Davis families.                                 

Will NEVER forget all those great adolescent years we had hanging on park side in the summer and in the subway during the winter.

When the Stones came on the radio, J.C. immediately demanded that the volume on my boom box be turned up to the max!

(Editor’s Note: You should know Donato was the first of our crew to own a boombox)


I am sure everyone of us remember watching J.C. lip sync every Stones song word for word, while perfectly mimicking Mick’s body language.

John and I worked together at United Meat Market where every day was a blast, even on the tough days.

From nailing each other’s work shoes to the floor to putting water filled plastic bags in each other’s shoes and putting them in the freezer; we were always trying to get the one up on each other, damn it was fun.

One Saturday one of our customers came in complaining to Tony that the hot sausage he buys once a week was not hot. Tony being the diplomat he is, tells me to go make some fresh hot sausage for this guy and to add a little extra pepper to satisfy him.  So, me and John looked at each other, he followed me into the back and we added a little more extra pepper than we were suppose too, to the pork meat we used to make the sausage.  While I was handing the large container of pepper to John, it slipped out of his hand and the entire container spilled out onto the pork meat we were using to make this customers sausage.  We looked at each other and we were like “holy shit!”

So we wiped off what pepper we could which wasn’t much and just mixed the shit out of it so you couldn’t tell all that pepper was in there.  

Next Saturday came, and the customer came in like he usually did to get his hot sausage.  Tony asked him, “so how was the sausage last week, better?”

The customer replied,

“HOLY SHIT!! I had fuckin’ flames shooting out of my ass and ears!”

The customer looked over at me and John and said, “what did you guys do to me?”

If he only knew right, pal?

 RIP my friend