What we’re gonna do here is go back, way back, back into time.

Brooklyn, New York in the late 70’s and early 80’s to be exact. It was a different Brooklyn back then. The Barclay’s on Flatbush and Atlantic? LOL. My friends and I played outside from early morning to late into the night. Some nights we didn’t go home. It was called, “Breakin’ Night.” Holy Name schoolyard was our favorite spot. The priests would kick us out at 10:00 PM. We played all sports. No such thing as specialization. But basketball was my favorite.

We rode the F-train to Coney Island and back (never paying our fare). We hitched on the back of the 68 bus and rode our bikes. We broke balls. We broke windows playing stickball (accidentally of course). We didn’t have cell phones. No one owned a gun. Our parents were not watching our every move. We learned to be tough. We learned to fight our own battles. We didn’t run home, tell mommy or daddy what happened. Wait a minute, daddy? My dad left for good when I was six. Mom didn’t blame the teacher when I failed a test nor did she complain to the coach if I came off the bench for the basketball team.

Most of all, the friendships formed and nurtured were unbreakable. Sure we argued with each other, we even had a fistfight or two with each other. But the next day in the yard we were teammates playing two-on-two. We were loyal to each other. We cared about each other…Those were the days my friend.

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3 Responses to IN THE AIR TONIGHT

  1. Hi Steve, Thomas Brady here! Great narrative Red, keep up the good work. e/mail :

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  2. TonyF16th ST says:

    Totally agree Steve. we were forced to survive, to think on our own, to recognize right from wrong
    (mostly wrong LOL) We weren’t “OVER PARENTED”. I also beleive alot of it came from the fact that most of us were all from the same cloth. Just plain old blue collar families all struggling to get by. Back in my time I can remember most families had alot of kids and fathers and or mothers had to work to keep their heads above water. I don’t remember fathers getting involved to any great extent in their sons lives except for when I joined the Boy Scouts there were quite a few fathers involved with that.
    And in todays time I don’t see kids actualy Hanging Out like we did.
    Those were the days my friend and I don’t know about you but I wish they never end(ed)

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