Last night I was talking to my wife and telling her all about the great clubs from back in the day. Boy did we have fun. I highly doubt the club-scene is still rocking like back in the day.

My Top 6 NYC Clubs of All-Time

1-Peppermint Lounge (The new one on 15th and 5th)






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6 Responses to THIS AIN’T NO MUDD CLUB

  1. KM says:

    There’s an article in today’s NY Daily News on this exact subject.

  2. TonyF16th ST says:

    Banana Fish Park

  3. TonyF16th ST says:

    It was more rock than disco

    • Steve says:

      That’s what made the (New) Peppermint Lounge a great place to party. Top floor had screens for music videos. Middle floor had a band/DJ and basement had DJ. Little bit of everything for everyone.

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