Disturbing story from Prospect Avenue (Under the Seeley Street Bridge)

Hopefully someone knows something.

The father, who asked that his name be withheld for privacy reasons, said that shortly after 6 p.m. on Aug. 8, his daughter was riding her bike down Prospect Avenue between the Seely Street bridge and Vanderbilt Street when she was struck by a car, sending her flying off her bike and knocking her unconscious. The car then fled the scene, he said.




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4 Responses to HIT-N-RUN

  1. Jim casey says:

    I grew up in the apartment building on Seeley St. abovethat bridge.

  2. Mudge says:

    Ive. been in that house many times. Your friend John Cain was he Jimmy or Johns son both were very close friends of mine many adventures we had together. If you hear from him give him and his family my regards.

  3. DAN FALCONE says:

    thanks for posting Red. My mom is best friends with her grandmother. This has been a nightmare for the family. Let’s hope this gets someone to come forward. Dan Falcone

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