My heart is broken.

They need to find this animal.

This story hits close to home; I have a seventeen year-old daughter who goes out and jogs.

If you jog and are female please make sure you grab a partner to run with. Don’t run alone.

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One Response to SAD STORY

  1. TonyF16th ST says:

    As a father of 2 girls and grandfather of 2 girls I could not even imagine what those families are feeling. My heart goes out to them.
    Maybe if the crooked politicians who are supposed to be “for the people” got off their asses and demanded the death penalty we would’nt have so much of this going on. The scumbags are protected and the vicitms and their families and loved ones just suffer.
    They know they will go to jail on our dime and be fed and cared for in the most respectful manner because god forbid someone offends them.
    I hope they catch this manic soon so no one else will suffer.

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