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8 Responses to MY SWEET LORD

  1. Michael Bove says:

    Msgr.Downing HN 1960’s.What a memory.We had to go to Mass with our class if not you got the paddle Mon..Oh my god I believe in you!!

  2. Jim casey says:


  3. Jumpshot Johnson. says:

    Was an altar boy in the early 1950’s. The rookies got the early weekday masses (oh dark-thirty) attended by the nuns and brothers. Our moderator was the much-feared Brother Augustine who, unlike other communicants, stared you in the eye as he received the Host. Big-time pressure for a little kid! Can still remember many of the Latin responses and ironing my surplice at the crack of dawn. Wonderful memories for sure.

  4. DON CUSH says:

    I always remember when we went to confession as a class, nobody would wait on Monsignor Downing’s line. All the other priest’s lines would be 8 or 9 deep

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