My friends

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  1. TonyF16th ST says:

    Looks like the little Hitters Club. I bet if you added up all their ages you woulnd get 100 LOL

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    “wanna buy five copies for my mother”

  3. Gerard Clifford says:

    Great Photo Steve is that Marty fox in the middle.

  4. Gerard Clifford says:

    Thanks for all the memories red, The photos you post bring me back to when I was 14.seeing all those faces, you are truly the chairman of the board of container diaries. Your openness and honesty and passion for everything from coaching toThe history of the neighborhood,and life in general are rare keep up the good work brother.

  5. Gerard clifford says:

    Western Maine mountains it’s beautiful but socially there’s nothing going on here. If you love to watch moose bear or mountain lions, it is truly heaven on earth.but I miss the neighborhood so much. When you come from the same place we tend to think the same I miss that,up hear people think according to their environment and even though I’m more of a woodsman Then most Mainers and can relate on that level and love the locals because they’re not tainted like the rest of the East Coast. Maines biggest city is Portland it only has a population of 66,000 people it’s really the size of a small village.but after 25 years of living in the middle of nowhere deep in the mountains where it gets 55 below zero,which I used to love because I taught cold weather survival and mountaineering. Winters up here can make or break the hardiest person.Growing up in Brooklyn I was a social butterfly even though my dream was to always live in the mountains in the most isolated place I could find. other New Yorkers that I meet say the locals don’t understand them I can’t relate to them. So thanks to container diaries and especially you red. because I feel that social butterfly has been awoken by your posts it means a lot red.

    • Steve says:


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Maine seems interesting.

      I have a friend, Bob Walsh, who is the men’s basketball head coach at the University of Maine…

      • Daniel T. Lorme says:

        Hey Steve…..Just found your blog/site, quite a clever title and does it ever bring back memories of our youth. Keep up the good memories! I believe that the last time we were together we played one on one pitching in stickball across the street in the parking lot until the game ended when I took you deep and the Spaulding ball when over your roof. Game over. That was prior to telling people not to park in front of the batters box with the painted strike zone on the wall and in between constantly telling Sister Barbara that we wouldn’t break windows with a Spaulding ball. I do believe that appears that is me behind Mickey and the late John John H.; although at that time I was a part of another crew, but still a 16th street boy and would always hang with the boyz when my boys weren’t around. (R.I.P. Don, my sweetest old friend as well) It’s gotta be circa 1979 0r 1980. Half the boyz in the pic lived on 16th street. It appears the photo was taken near the usual bench near the entrance to the park rather than the OK corral. And the prize was shitty schmidt’s-ez beer can cases. Yep you guessed it, it’s Dano, Dan Lorme. And Gerard (and anyone else for that matter) send me your info via email at Danuch@msn.com Your phone numbers don’t work anymore. Miss you my brother(s) and sisters. I don’t do facebook, tends to be hazardous in my opinion and occupation.

      • Steve says:

        Hey Danny,

        Thanks for checking in. That shot you hit off me, well we looked at the replay it was called fouled.

        Great to hear from you! Join facebook, you will find many of our friends. Facebook is a good thing.

        Take care and thanks for writing.

  6. Mary Anne Monaco says:

    HI Gerard You may not remember me but I was good friends with your brother Billy. I actually spent a few weeks in Maine with your mom,dad and Billy Old Orchid Beach Lots of good memories. I lived in 423 16th street. Nice to hear you are doing well.
    Mary Anne (Brick) Monaco

  7. Gerard Clifford says:

    Hi Mary Ann I remember you last time I saw you was at the bakery. Thanks for the kind comments about my parents. I was very blessed to have them both as parents. Hope you’re doing well ,August 6 was Billy’s 60th birthday he will be happy to hear that old friends were talking about The good old days with the family.

  8. Gerard clifford says:

    Hey Danny I tried to call you ,miss you so much brother if you remember the last time I saw you Was around 1990 you came up to my home in Maine on vacation with Mikey D ,me and Billy Took you guys deep into the mountains what a great trip I can still remember that wine and cheese we shared at 5000 feet. Remember all the football games,your brother Kevin and I went fishing a few years ago while he was on vacation here so great to see him, he reminded me I had the reputation of being the fastest kid in Brooklyn, brought back Great memories made me feel young again.

  9. Gerard clifford says:

    Dano great to hear from you having trouble with my email going to have to get some tech-support. I E mailed you and my e mail keeps saying unsent email. Soon as I get it fixed I will touch base.miss you brother I two am not a big fan of Facebook.

  10. Kevin Molloy says:

    Hey Danny, hate to break it to you but that’s me behind Micky and John John, it was a party up on the hill at the Quaker Cemetery. Nice to hear your doing well. Kevin Molloy

  11. Kevin Molloy says:

    Their still my friends Red, I still see them every few years and on Facebook of course. Anyone of them call and I’m there no questions asked.

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