Happy birthday America…


Enjoy the dogs.

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4 Responses to HAVE A SAFE 4TH…

  1. Dan Weinert says:

    My family was one of the first families that joined the old CYO Surf Club–spent 1955 to 1967 there summer evenings and weekends. It was a great place for families of cops, firemen and other working and middle class folks. Smell of BBQ everywhere, handball courts, pool and only a block from the beach. An oasis opposite the Half Moon Hotel…

    • Steve says:

      Danny, I was jealous of you kids. Never got that chance. Lucky you…

      Hope all is well and thanks for checking in.

  2. Mudge says:

    I know most of my friends could not afford those bath houses. I tried to join the YMCA. One year and I think it costs about $12. So I had to settle for the PAL which was $0.15

    • Steve says:

      I settled for the schoolyard and the beach. Loved the Atlantic ocean. But would hate it when my mother made me wash off the sand up on the boardwalk. Hated the train ride back to the neighborhood too.

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