Sad news…come on people. WTF?

They have to catch this guy.

According to police, just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, June 26, the woman was walking in front of 586 16th Street when the man – described as white with curly black hair – approached her from behind, grabbed her, lifted her dress and pulled at her underwear. The suspect then knocked the woman to the ground and struck her numerous times while attempting to  assault her sexually.

Cops seek to identify would-be Windsor Terrace rapist


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5 Responses to 16TH STREET – SMH

  1. TonyF16th ST says:

    Just goes to show no one is safe even if the neigborhood is supposed to be. This is happenning more and more and the perps are more and more brazen. Thank god the young woman was able to fend the guy off and didn’t get hurt (at least Physically ).
    I really don’t remember stuff like this ever happening when I was living there, maybe in the park but not on any of the streets.
    To coin a phrase ” Times They Are A Changing”

  2. TonyF16th ST says:

    What the real sad part of this is that some Lawyer will say he only accousted her, her skirt was to short, she smiled at him it was’nt an actual rape and he will plea down the charges and walk away only to do it again.

    Meanwhile the victim has to live with what happened or could have happened and she can’t lessen her feelings she can’t just walk away . It never goes away for her.

    It’s just not fair. Justice will not be served. Maybe the lawyer should go away with the perp for even trying to defend/justify his clients actions and wasting tax payers monies.

    The only one guilty here unfortunately is the victim.

  3. Mudge says:

    As soon as we ban all the guns we,ll start a movment to arm ourselfs for our own protection. What a waste all the bad guys already have there weapons.

  4. Mudge says:

    I wonder if the creep was drinking in Farrells and watching out the window for his prey.

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