A Memorial Day tribute from our guy Pat “17th Street” Fenton…


An outstanding guest piece from Pat Fenton.  Pat’s one of the good guys who grew up in the neighborhood.  And boy is he a fantastic writer!

I pushed up my draft in 1961, 20 years old, a high school drop out working a rivet machine in a factory in Brooklyn, and the Army seemed like a way out.  I went in during the Berlin Crisis buildup, was sent thorough the military police academy in Fort Gordon, Georgia, and shipped out of the Brooklyn Army Base on the ship the U.S Rose to Mannheim Germany to the 537MP Company.


I got to stand a few feet from President John F Kennedy when he was on his way to Frankfurt to give that great Berlin speech.  He was reviewing the troops at a first stop, and I was standing as part of the security on a black top when his open limo…

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