Hope everyone enjoys the weekend…

View from above Windsor and 8th

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  1. bob terry says:

    San Francisco, a great picture. I could see Coit Tower & The Transamerica Pyramid in the background. I wonder what corner that was. I love San Francisco; I spent 20 years there. If any readers go there, visit the plague the city put on the corner of Filbert & Grant in my honor.

  2. Jim casey says:

    Going way back here, Steve
    The Chairman of the Board

    • Steve says:

      Jimmy, would rather be in the boys schoolyard right now. Getting some shots up. Working on my outside jump-shot.

  3. Gerard clifford says:

    This corner has lots of memories I understand the same family still owns that store. Dennis Delaney lived on that side of the street were picture was taken he was a great guy always trying to get the boys in slope to not fight with guys from 18 street.wizlows also lived there George was a good kid his brother tedy was another story I found out poor geoge died then the browns lived across the street I went out with Susan brown , I’ve herd Peter brown still lives there and the burns lived next door down from Browns the Keenan’s lived across from store the kevin carol jimmy carol and family my family went on trips with the carol family.i could go on and on what a great time in the world and great people,in my travels I have found newyourkers old school ones we think about life differently and most of the country thinks were from other planet I find when l come across other people from old school newyourk they feel the same and Im glad to have someone who understands the way a newyourkers thinks and if you google it you might be in shock to find out what they think of us. Thanks for pictures and comments we are the last of the moehegans a great tribe.

    • Steve says:


      Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog. I appreciate your comments too. Glad to hear from you.

      Have a positive day!

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