Me at 10th ave entrance

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  1. TonyF16thst says:

    Great picture Steve. Wish I had a dime for every time I went in and out of that entrance.

  2. John Mcgee says:

    Had a brawl one time in the park and had to get out of there fast !!!!
    Went to the Sanders theater with my two brothers Danny and Jimmy McGee
    Well I can’t remember why but we left the movies late one afternoon in a hurry ,it must have been a Wedenesday about 4 pm and my brothers were being chased by Danny Burns , Billy Kahaley and Bobby O’berg . I think I was in the seventh grade with all those guys and my brothers were each one year behind each other , Danny 6th and Jimmy in the 5th anyway we were cornered in the park and I am sure my brothers were the reason for those guys wanting to beat them up , either they said something or did something !!! Anyway I had to stick up for them even if it meant getting my ass kicked because if I didn’t my father would kick my ass for not sticking up for them !!! And I know they knew that because this wasn’t the first time I got into a fight because of them !!!!

    We were duking it out all at the same time Danny B and I , Billy K and Danny and Bobby O and Jimmy
    Well Danny B was getting the better of me and had me in a headlock and about to hit me in the face when I bit his hand and he let go and I was able to get on top of him and hit him a couple of times in his head until he said enough !!!
    I then went over and helped Jimmy who was losing to Bobby O while Danny was holding his own against Billy K
    After we got Bobby to give up and Billy saw it was going to be all three of us against him , he quit and we got out of the Park from that entrance where you are standing Steve !!!!
    On our way home we knew we were in trouble because those guys were tough , after all
    Danny Burnes was one of the leaders of the Huns !!!
    We got home ok but the next day in school we had to do a lot of talking , like how could you bite someone in a fight !!!
    I don’t know how we got out of it other than those guys accepted our apologies or they had bigger things to do !!!
    I was just glad things calmed down and I could get back to beating my brothers up !!!!!
    John McGee

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