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I received a bit of sad news last night.  One of my favorite people of all-time passed away on April 30.

Roger Chebba has left us. He was 88.

If you ever spent time in Timboo’s Bar down on 5th avenue and 11th street you knew Roger. (I still remember the phone number at Timboo’s;  788-9782 – I called the bar so many times looking for my father…)

The joint closed down for good about five years ago.


They don’t make them anymore like Roger. He’s one of the last cast of characters from the good old days.

Roger and Angelo Dundee

(Above – Stevie B, Angelo Dundee and Roger)

Back in the day, when I was in my early teens, on Saturday mornings the Gooch (my father) would take me down to Timboo’s.  I’ll never forget keeping my eyes on Roger all day long.

He always stood at the end of the bar. His favorite spot.  I watched him like a hawk.

“So I could see who walks in,” was Roger’s response one Saturday afternoon when I asked him why he always stands in the same spot.

Roger was the best.

He was my guy.

There were times as a young boy I wished Roger was my father.

Great pool player too. I used to love to watch Roger break. He was by far the best. The balls went everywhere and of course he always managed to sink one or two.

My guy Phil told me this morning before Roger became an Ironworker (Local 40) he was an amateur boxer down in Florida. His trainer? Angelo Dundee…

Roger’s nickname was, get this;  “Battling Billy Prince.”


Condolences to the entire Chebba family.

Roger’s daughters Lori and Lee Ann are aces…