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  1. Jim casey says:

    Get that damn van out of my schoolyard !

  2. Jim casey says:

    Who stole the other 4 hoops ?

  3. G Trapp says:

    I see a picture of what use to be a center of life for boys & girls, young and old, playing, competing, winning, losing, practicing, trying out, learning, talking, goofing, laughing, fighting, basketball dominated, stickball, slapball, handball,football, intramurals, Kings, buck buck, summer leagues, card games etc. the list goes on. I for one as a youngster thought this was something everyone everywhere was experiencing only coming to realize later in life after meeting so many from different places that what we had growing up here in this schoolyard/neighborhood was special, we had it Good here!

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    (heavy sigh) RIP, Prince Rogers Nelson….

  5. holy2520name says:

    Gerard,you are absolutely right . I have travelled around the country for my career and live in Texas and would tell stories of my childhood to friends and acquaintances and found that none of them had as many tales to tell nor did they have the look of being happy and proud of where they came from. I find that the friends I made in that yard as well as 10’s and 154’s were/are some of my best friendships that I made in my lifetime. I wish this site was more active with memories/stories because there is nothing I enjoy more than reading real good posts such as the one you made above. Really enjoy when someone mentions something that I had long ago forgotten like stickball[fast pitch]in the boys yard while 6 basketball games were going on.John

  6. Jim casey says:

    Yes, thanks Gerard. Great memories.
    Some of the older guys would bring beer and hard stuff to 3 on 3 on summer nights. I knew I had it made when they eventually brought soda for me.
    Bobby Feeley had the best curve ball in stickball. Late 50s-early 60s.
    I would bail out, sure that the ball would hit my head, then that ball would curve right in the middle of that box on the wall.
    And Feeley would laugh before doing it again.

  7. GT says:

    John, exactly, that look is missing in many of them. What yrs were you hanging out in the yard?

    Jim, I remember bobby feely, became a cop I think, nice guy, who were the older guys to you? and who were some of the schoolyard regulars in those days?
    As a 10 yr old on any given Saturday I can remember older guys who were playing hoops giving me soda orders, I’d go up to prospect ave and 9th, where Joe’s pizza is now and bring back 6 sodas, always got to keep the change!

  8. Jim casey says:

    Older guys: John Vesey was Mr. Schoolyard and had the trophy to prove it, Danny Mills, Frank Pascuzzi, Billy Anton, Crazy Jackie O’Brien, Mac O’Boyle, Jimmy O’Dea
    Schoolyard regulars: Mike Trapp, Danny Kennedy, Mickey McNally, Donny Kent, Jimmy Maloney, Tex Cummins, Franny Anton, Jerry Pascuzzi, Bobby Kent, Kenny Nolan, Tommy Conlon, Gerard Conlon.
    Maybe I’ll think of more eventually

  9. Steve says:

    Oh boy…Let me think. Guys I remember playing three-on-three. Gerard Trapp, Jimmy Rauthier, Richie Deere, John Corrar, Joe Santos, The Ferro’s, Willie Lanzseria, Charlie Alberti, Brian Keating, Alan Lang, Curtis Walker…so many guys.

    Those half-court games were legendary.

    As a little kid I would run out in between games to get some shots up.

    Someone once sent me to Henry’s for a couple of Iced Tea’s.

    Great times. Times that will never be duplicated ever again.

  10. Jim casey says:

    As Thomas Wolfe said, “You can never go home again.”

  11. GT says:

    I remember all of them, Few others, Jo jo massella, vinny massella, jimmy o’brien, billy murray, kenny murray, danny gallagher, eddie babick

    Saw dan mcnulty at last holy name dinner.

    Red, where’s alan lang these days?

    • Steve says:


      Not really sure where Alan is. He was one of my favorite PG’s from the yard.

      Did you know he was a heck of a baseball player?

      Come to think of it, didn’t we produce a lot of good Basketball/Baseball players?

  12. holy2520name says:

    Gerard, I was in the yard from 63 to 68/69. Played with your brother Bobby, Jimmy Riches, Tommy Sturges,Eddie Keyes.

  13. GT says:

    Few Baseball guys, jimmy riches, charlie mirailh, walter polansky, Danny Morgiello, charlie albertie, dennis flynn, mike maronna

    John, ok then you probably played in yard with Bobby Welsh, ken Nolan, john hederman, jim hayes to name a few more good guys and players.

  14. holy2520name says:

    Yes he is. So are all folks mentioned in this segment. Hard to find many bad people in our neighborhood. All young people born of good blue collar stock.

  15. John Bies says:

    Yes, I was always with Danny Cush.Bobby Welsh was the center on our Holy Name team. Eddie Keyes played center as well as Harry [forgot his last name] from Red Hook. I played on one of the Holy Name baseball teams but my memory is kind of foggy about that team. The coach was Joe Tufano’s father.

  16. Mudge says:

    Makes you wonder what makes parking more important then kids?

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