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  1. Mudge says:

    Wasent there three full courts in that school yard. Maybe it just looked that way because they always played half court three on a side. Could be my mind is just failing me.

    • Steve says:

      Loved the half court games. As a I kid first time in that yard i used to sit on the side and watch the older guys.

  2. holy2520name says:

    There definitely was 3 full courts with the center court being the Madison Square Garden of Holy Name basketball.

  3. TonyF16 says:

    Mick and the Boys

  4. Emmett Hoops says:

    I’m 14 and scared shitless. Dooley lives on one side of us and all we hear are bottles being thrown up against the wall and lots of hollering. On the other side is the Pinacchios. Buffy died of a heroin overdose on Adams Street last year. Across the street from me — and we can see ’em clearly from the third floor — kids are sniffing glue in the Lots. I see the burned-out hulks of cars across the Lots, where the Sanitation Department tows all the derelict vehicles in that part of Brooklyn, where they sit, targets for vandals, until the city has enough money to take them to a junk shop. Which usually means a month or more.

    The neighborhood smells of benzopyrene from the jets flying overhead, ragweed, wild parsley, and dog shit wafting up from the Lots side of Windsor Place. Everyone in the neighborhood brings their damn dog here to crap. I wish the city had a law about cleaning up after your dog.

    So why am I scared? I go to Holy Name. Gillen is my teacher and I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I don’t want to be afraid to sit in my seat.

    I’m scared because it seems the city is going to hell. It’s 1973. I’m going to graduate and I’m not going to any Catholic school. Nowhere where teachers can hit me for no reason, no Holy Name ever again.

    I’m scared because Al Collura was crushed under a bus over on Prospect Park Southwest, just near 11th Avenue, and I will never forget what the snow looked like. I see it in nightmares.

    I’m scared because my dad is starting to drink too much. His job is a little shaky, too. He and mom argue a lot. My brother moved out last month, didn’t leave an address. We don’t know where he is.

    I’m scared because I don’t have any friends and I don’t know how to make friends. Maybe I’ll make friends in my new school. I don’t know. I don’t see how it will all happen.

    I wish I were like 56 or something and it was 2016. I’d know how it all turned out then.

  5. mike larkin says:

    You never really know what goes on in other people’s homes.

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