Huskies beat the ‘Cuse last night in the championship game.

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma has now won 11 NCAA rings.

Johnny No Gas: “Told ya Geno was gonna get it done!”

Stickball Willie: “Yeah I know ya did.”

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2 Responses to SIMPLY THE BEST

  1. Jumpshot Johnson says:

    Everyone talks about Geno snapping up the best recruits but UConn has just one HS star (Crystal Dangerfield) coming in out of the top 100 recruits. She is a Moriah Jefferson clone and will plug in almost immediately in the backcourt. I see the team nucleus as 6′ 5″ Natalie Butler (who needs a lot of work on her strength and conditioning), three athletic six-footers in Gabby Williams, Kia Nurse and Napheesa Collier, a deadeye deep threat in Katie Lou Samuelson and Sonya Chong at the point until Dangerfield is ready to take over. There is an outstanding recruit out there named Sabrina Ionescu who is still uncommitted and I am sure Geno is trying to woo her. Plus, Oklahoma just grabbed a 6′ 10″ gal from Texas named Mulkey. I assume she is not related to Kim.

  2. Jim casey says:

    Then this year is a most unusual one as Geno usually gets the top recruits, as he has said.

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