While reaching out tonight and catching up with a childhood friend, I was informed that Claudia Leary passed away a week ago. Claudia was the wife of Timmy Leary, one of my favorite people of all-time.

Claudia had been battling cancer for the past three years.

Claudia Leary

Timmy is the boys basketball coach at St. Francis Prep. He’s one of the best I have ever seen.  As boys freshman basketball coach at Bishop Ford I got a chance to coach the Leary’s son Tim Jr.

Timmy’s younger brother Danny is a great friend who played his ball at Bishop Ford. Danny, like Timmy is a great dude. The Leary’s are one of the best families I have ever met.

My condolences to the entire Leary family.  May Claudia rest in peace…



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  1. Jim casey says:

    Resquiescat in pace, Claud

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