16th and 8th

16th and 8th

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9 Responses to 16th and 8th

  1. Ed Keyes says:

    Where the laundromat now stands was the site of where my Uncle Jim Hayes’ and father Ed Keyes, Sr. had their grocery / delicatessen “Hayes and Keyes” from 1946 to 1965. It was a busy store for quite awhile until landlord and supermarket issues brought a close to another neighborhood enterprise. My childhood memories are filled with laughs, great neighbors and a strong work ethic that my father instilled in myself and brother Denis at an early age. The Kawas, Frizell, and McCorkel families were tremendous families who also were tenants in the same building

  2. Tony16ST says:

    i beleive the 2nd floor is/was the Kawas residence.

  3. GT says:

    Ed, a great memory to have, never knew about the grocery store, probably around same time Joe Hajjars dad had his grocery store on 14th and 8th, so you and Jimmy Hayes are cousins, never knew that either.

    • Ed Keyes says:

      Those were great days for me Gerard. I practically grew up in the store, our house was 3 houses away on 8th Ave..Wish we had it now , probably many $$. All the best to you and the family !! Ed

  4. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Michael and John Karvounis lived in that building as well.

    • Gerard clifford says:

      I grew up with Mike and John my name is Gerard Clifford miss old friends from slope thanks for comment

  5. Gerard Clifford says:

    I grew up with Mike and John my name is Gerard Clifford andmiss many of old friends from the slope thankyou for this site and comments

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